colorado, post 4…

by now you’re probably wondering how i could come up with 4 somewhat lengthy posts about colorado. believe me dear friends, when you’ve waited over 5 years to see a place, there’s lots to share!

just to tease your curiosity a bit, i will tell you that next up is our special edition colorado post. i promise, it will be worth your viewing pleasure! after that, we’ll probably share a few more random tidbits from our trip… and then we’ll be back to just plain craziness (hint: our move to the east side is now less than a month away)!

now, onto our regularly scheduled post…

June 14, 2010. with the rain behind us and our time in colorado all too quickly coming to an end we chose to take a hike, which proved to be a bit chilly as we ascended this particular trail.

a couple of days after we arrived in estes park some of our dear friends, dustin & elizabeth, joined us. during our time on the east side they were both invaluable sources of support and encouragement, visiting us a total of 6 times between the two of them! now, that’s what i call love! thanks dustin and elizabeth for being such fun, faithful friends!

thanks also to jarod’s parents, who truth be told, were more lulled into this trip by sterling than by colorado itself! even so, ye ye was pretty excited about finally trekking through nature… and not the tourist shops!

though our lil’ sprout is hot natured, his new (thanks to nai nai & ye ye) sweatshirt proved not to be enough… so mommy wrapped his neck with her scarf. when you’re trekking through the wild blue yonder there comes a point when function trumps fashion!

along the way dustin was kind enough to take a few moments and give us photography lessons. in truth i learned two valuable lessons: 1. auto mode is pretty awesome on our d5000 and 2. it always helps to have an interesting subject in view…

once the steep incline leveled off sterling enjoyed exploring the great outdoors…

and conquering every rock!

meanwhile, the rest of us were in constant awe at the beauty of creation around us!

it wasn’t too long after this “stop and take in the view” resting point (notice the ice accumulated along the opposite shore) that sterling, nai nai and myself had to turn back. it was simply getting too cold up on that mountain so when sterling began shaking like a leaf we took that as our cue to head to warmer ground. fortunately, jarod, ye ye, dustin & elizabeth were able to finish their hike and see some absolutely amazing scenes. more on that later…

until then, be watching for our special edition colorado post!


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