baby sprout’s name…

 do you remember this?

well, things do change, don’t they?  even after YEARS of thinking and dreaming up names for our sprouts we finally settled on a girl’s name.  let me just say that we could never bring ourselves to use the name we chose for “red butterfly” – scarlet faith.  it just doesn’t feel right to use a name that was intended for a chinese girl for what we suspect will be a fair skinned, blue eyed baby girl.  besides, we chose scarlet based on her birth country (red being a very special color in china), not for the movie gone with the wind.  i think you get the idea.  so that left us with 2 girls names remaining: crimson hope & liberty grace.  the truth is we chose crimson after just a few years of marriage.  we both loved that it was unique and would be a natural fit if say by some great surprise we were able to adopt two chinese little girls, either as twins or seperately.  but alas, that was not the case because God knew EXACTLY what we needed… and his precious gift to us came in the form of a boy!  with that said, we always said our first born son would be named sterling.  so even though we considered the other 2 boy names (berkeley knight and oakley chord) briefly we felt compelled to stick to our original agreement.  so when we discovered that baby sprout was indeed a girl we had a bit of a delimna.  you see, we never intended to name all of our children names found in a box of crayons!  besides, if God so chooses to continue to surprise us in the way of children i fear that by going the route of crimson we would somehow find ourselves in a bind for coming up with other color coded names.  and though i like the idea of violet and indigo as names, i don’t like having such self-imposed restrictions!  so after a few days of deliberations (& celebrations) we chose baby sprout’s name.


although we decided on a different middle name than our original intention, we feel that it is the perfect name for her.  you see, several years ago we were in the thick of trying to find a diagnosis for all my symptoms.  at the time we were unaware that my symptoms were not necessarily interrelated, but a combination of a couple of different serious ailments.  it was during this difficult time that we found ourselves sitting in yet another doctor’s office when jarod saw an envelope on the doctor’s desk.  it belonged to a patient of his and boldly written on the front was “praise” – the person’s name.  and it was then that he mentioned that he liked that for a girl’s name… but quite honestly my mind was on a diagnosis, not on girl names, especially since we had already agreed upon scarlet faith.  but looking back i can clearly see how praise is the appropriate name for baby sprout… and how even while i was sitting in the doctor’s office God was teaching me great things about himself, in spite of the circumstances i found myself in.  and so it’s only fitting that using praise as a possible name would find a way to cling to my mind and heart.

 for both sterling and liberty we wanted their names to represent God’s character and his goodness.

sterling creed = standard of purity & confession of faith

liberty praise = freedom in Christ & he is worthy of all praise

we hope that their names would not only represent our Lord well and be constant reminders to us of his chracter and goodness, but that sterling and liberty’s names would also symbolize their character and trust in God.


10 thoughts on “baby sprout’s name…

  1. Those chosen names are such a great testimony to God! Think of all the opportunities when people ask about your babies!

  2. What a gorgeous name! I almost wrote to ask about her name but figured I wouldn’t pester you and that you would announce it to us when you had decided!! I agree, both your kids’ names are a beautiful testimony!

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