the great outdoors…

sterling loves being outside!  one of the great things about living in the southern united states is the pure pleasure of greenery.

this past year the winter was much more wet and cold than typical and the spring temps held off the heat until well into june… but just like that, summer was upon us and the humidity was in full swing!  when this happens sometimes the only thing you can do is grin and bear it… but if you’re a 20 month old lil’ boy you find a way to enjoy it!  and so it was on this particularly hot and smoltering day that we took sterling outside for a little haircut… but as you can see, the reward was well worth it as he had the unique privilege of going sans clothes for a good 30 minutes in the back yard.

this is another bonus of our current residence – a backyard… with privacy fencing!  as you can see, sterling had a blast being hosed down by daddy and simply enjoying the freedom of being naked!

it’s not called “the great outdoors” for nothin’!


One thought on “the great outdoors…

  1. It’s so funny to see Sterling’s itti bitti booty when whe’re so use to him wearing his diaper which is quite bulky in itself.

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