an all-american july 4th…

the day began with the waving of the flag… which was totally appropriate for the newest american family member! in fact, he enjoyed the waving of the flag so much that it accompanied us to church where he continued his flag waving duties. at the end of service one of sterling’s highlights is meeting ye ye on stage – flag or no flag. after church i couldn’t help but delay our lunch a moment longer as i really wanted a picture of us together. i was a bit bummed that sterling couldn’t be between us for the picture ’cause the truth is, his flag waving had yet to cease and i’m afraid all you would have seen is daddy, sterling, the flag and a belly. not exactly the memory i wanted!  in the evening we headed back to the church for some outdoor fun… but first we dropped sterling’s faithful companion, mei li, off at the grandparent’s house. couldn’t help but think it was too cute to capture his love of mei li, as he felt the need to not only have her by his side, but to lay a comforting hand on her as well.

the outdoor fun began in the church parking lot… where b-b-q pits, a large slide and a kiddy pool were set up. needless to say we spent the majority of our time around the kiddy pool… with cousins jonas and ian. sterling was super excited to play in the water. jonas being the older of the cousins always proves to be a great teacher of all things boy and ian, who is 4 months older than sterling is the perfect side-by-side playmate. and though mommy was quite disappointed that she didn’t get to go down the giant water slide (due to the quickness of gravity and its unfriendliness with the protruding belly) we all had a blast… as you can see by the clapping of hands! since youngest cousin lance wasn’t able to join us during the outdoor fun event we thought it only appropriate to include a picture of “baby” lance… as usual, being loved on by sterling.

mommy handed the camera over for a few moment while daddy did a great job of capturing some sterling’s patriotic pride. of course, the “nasa diaper” as daddy calls it, was appropriately displayed on sterling’s tush! and in typical custom, sterling was intrigued by all the things with wheels – from trucks to bikes to skateboards. so grateful for cheap entertainment… and people who are willing to share their chairs!

the cherry on top of our ice cream came in the form of fireworks! earlier in the day i tried to prep sterling for the loud display by saying, “tonight we’re gonna go see boom! boom! boom!” so it was after we arrived on the golf course with mei li, lao lao, nai nai & ye ye appropriately in tow that we settled on a cozy little knoll and waited for the sun to set and the boom! boom! boom! to begin. during which time, sterling happily substituted as the main attraction. once the boom! boom! boom! began we were surprised by how not loud the fireworks were (which functioned as a gentle introduction to what we can expect to experience regularly on the east side!), as well as how completely unprepared we were to capture good images in the dark! oops. besides the obvious highlight of the fireworks we also enjoyed watching sterling run around the wide open spaces with a glow stick (unbeknownst to him) perfectly placed in his diaper. obviously, we’re easy to please ’cause we had a great time watching him his glowing tail! and of course, we all loved “ooh”ing and “ahhh”ing at all the boom! boom! boom! we saw!


One thought on “an all-american july 4th…

  1. I must say the glow stick was just one of the things that really made this a memorable 4th. The glow stick let us keep track of where he was. At least until he turned to run back to us. lol

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