jet lag is not for babies…

7.22.2010:  after just 4.5 hours of sleep we woke at 5 am. yes, “we” as in all of us. so with all the things that needed to be done swirling around in our heads we got up and began our day.

thankfully, jarod packed some of our favorite breakfast foods – instant oatmeal for me & raisin bran for him. sterling is not so picky so he ate a little of this and that. after another quick shower and the boys changed their clothes we headed out the door. good thing too ’cause i was needing some perspective.

you see, after waking in our new “home” (the term doesn’t even seem to fit quite yet) i found myself mourning and the sense of loss threatened to overtake me.

as we exited our building and saw our complex for the first time i felt thankful. for one, i was thankful for the green space complete with toddler playground. we also saw a man with a dog (much to sterling’s delight) and women outside with their children. but what i found myself most thankful for was that even though we found our complex on-line and had no idea what it was like or the surrounding area, some of the old feelings of normalcy on the east side began to settle, again, in our hearts.

during our little venture out we learned where we can buy bottles of water and that our complex is buffered by two major highways… which on this morning made getting a taxi very doable.

so we loaded ourselves in and headed toward a large retail store for some much needed cleaning supplies and food staples. i’m not exactly sure why we were so surprised, but we were, that there was neither a/c nor wind circulation inside and quickly our first trip to the store threatened to become a very unpleasant experience. so with the exhaustion and heat we rushed around grabbing what we had to have and made our way to the check out… where we found ourselves waiting in what seemed to be nothing less than a continuation of our traveling fiasco. with sterling quickly coming unglued we made a bee-line for the nearest taxi. at this point we were all sticky and miserable.

unfortunately, getting around our new city is not nearly as easy as fusion and we found ourselves lost among the throngs of concrete buildings with a taxi driver asking us if anything looked familiar. jarod did eventually spy something familiar and was able to redirect the driver back toward our complex. we were back home by 9 am.

it was then that we made our big jet lag mistake. you see, since sterling was on the brink of exhaustion we put him to bed (good move) and decided to let him sleep as long as he needed (bad move). of course, we realized our faulty thinking (he’s already negative 12 hours according to his regular sleep schedule, let’s let him make it up) too late. as in, so late that at 4:30 the fear of his (or us) not sleeping at night prompted us to wake him.

by this point jarod was busy with the typical just-moved-into-a-new-place runaround… working hard to accomplish some of the major must haves (such as scheduling internet, finding food, etc.) and was beginning to feel the weight of his own exhaustion. but there was still much to do.

with just 30 minutes till closing time we rushed to register ourselves with the local authorities. naturally, it took much longer than we had planned for. even so, everyone was so gracious and eager to know more about sterling and didn’t mind when he got impatient.

it was also during this time that we heard thunder and realized that with the delays in processing more than likely we were going to be caught in a rain storm. so as soon as we got the all clear to go and made the promise to return the next day jarod and i parted ways. my destination: home via a quick trip by the convenience store for some water and juice. jarod’s assignment: find dinner.

we were both caught in a sudden downpour on our routes… but truth be told, i think sterling was relieved to escape the heat and thoroughly enjoyed the speed by which his mommy powered stroller was going. besides, it was a refreshing break from the typical stroll home.

Arriving only minutes after us, jarod arrived drenched from head to foot with some yummy restaurant food in hand and soon thereafter we were all enjoying our first real asian food. this meal was much anticipated and it did not disappoint!

from there sterling enjoyed some much needed floor time, we read some books, cleaned a bit more and were showered and in bed by 8:30 pm.

which jarod considered a raving success… until we received a sterling-induced wake-up call at midnight… and again at 2:30… and again at 4:30.

no doubt, jet lag is not for the faint of heart… or babies for that matter!


8 thoughts on “jet lag is not for babies…

  1. Jet lag is rough…especially for the little ones. Macy often finds her way into our bed after the long trip to the States and back. We’ll be thinking about you!

  2. We feel your pain! We’ve been here 3 weeks now. It took Laura about a week to get over jet lag (waking up an hour earlier each night until it matched her bedtime) and once she slept, we were able to get over our jet lag very quickly. Hope the house-setting-up goes well!

  3. Hope the rest of your week has included more sleep! Love you guys and are excited to have you back on the East Side…yea for being in the same time zone again!

  4. love reading how your adjusting is going! Something I get to experience in just 10 days… well with the exception of a toddler! hehe

  5. A taxi driver asking you if anything looks familiar… : o I hope he was better at driving than he was at knowing where things are in his own town. : )

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