the good kind of runaround…

it was a busy day and much was accomplished… to our delight!

here are just some of the highlights of our 3rd day on the east side:

local authority registration – at 8:30 am jarod returned to the police station to finish our registration process since we didn’t have the information they needed previously. fortunately, or unfortunately, depending how you look at it, when he arrived a shouting match was going on between 6 women and so the authorities quickly gathered his information and sent him on his way so they could deal with the matter at hand. he was home less than 15 minutes later!

ikea run – needing, okay, wanting so many things from one of our favorite stores prompted us to make an ikea run. we were very pleased (to put it mildly) that it was within a very convenient distance from our home. unfortunately, most of the things we wanted were not in stock. we consoled ourselves at the ikea café with 2 large portions of swedish meatballs and a chance for sterling to play off some of his pent-up energy. we then headed toward the shipping desk where our new couch was scheduled to be delivered the next day. sadly for me, this meant one more night on our plywood bed. if you know anything about plywood you know that it is not prone to giving… hence my poor hips have taken a beating and so with my baby belly (which means i am very limited on sleeping positions) i couldn’t help but lament the delay. but truth be told, i’ve been so tired each day (thanks jet lag) that i find a way to fall and stay asleep on our current plywood bed!

microwave – spotting a home appliance store right across the street from ikea prompted us to push sterling a bit more so that we could purchase a microwave. this decision was born more out of desperation than convenience. in record time we made our selection. literally this was our conversation while looking at a wall of 40 microwaves:

him: “which one do you think we should get?”

me: “i just don’t want one with diamonds or designs all over it.” (and yes diamonds and various colored flowers adorning the front of the microwave were typical options)

him: “how about this one?”

me: “that’s fine.”

so in record time we chose our microwave and jarod found his way to the cashier to pay and returned with the receipt (proving to the sales person his purchase of said microwave). immediately she went to the back to gather our new purchase… at such time sterling had decided enough was enough and he was ready for bed. of course, simple tasks rarely go as planned and the sales clerk couldn’t find the microwave in the stock room. and as usual, the temperature was creeping up to an unbearable level so i did the only thing i could think to do. i took sterling up and down the escalator a zillion times while they tried to locate our purchase in the back. finally, she returned, microwave in tow and according to custom unwrapped the entire thing, plugged it in and by microwaved the instruction pamphlet… thereby proving that it was indeed in working order. noticing sterling’s displeasure they quickly reassemble the package and carted our new, way too heavy purchase to the curb where we grabbed the first available taxi and began our trek home.

of course, all of this pushing sterling to the brink of exhaustion didn’t go unnoticed and we found ourselves with one, very unhappy toddler. which led to…

total misery & exhaustion – as would be expected, sterling went down for a nap without a peep. sadly for him, we were bent on getting his schedule back on track and so we woke him after his customary 3 hour nap. sadly for us, he was very unhappy with this disruption and for the rest of the evening we paid the price.

arranged moving company – fortunately, during his peaceful nap time (& prior to the big melt down) we were able to accomplish quite a few tasks. jarod was able to call 114 (our local version of 411/information) and get the number to a moving company. he then was able to make all the necessary arrangements for our stuff to be moved and delivered to our new home on monday. so thankful for his persistence with the local language!

unpacked 6 suitcases – in the meantime we were very efficient and unpacked the remaining contents out of the 6 bags we brought with us from the states.

internet installed – and, the internet hook up man came and connected us to the world! believe it or not, it took us an entire week to get internet in the states… but here we were able to schedule and receive internet access in 24 hours! so thankful for this major convenience! “hello mom!”

playground – desperate for a change of scenery we ventured outside where to our very happy surprise we have a toddler playground located in the middle of our complex! sterling had a blast! but he was still exhausted so our time there was limited. either way, who we met and what we saw positively astonished us. when we arrived we saw two grandmas… each holding a five month old baby girl. yes, they were twins! next up came a stay at home mom (so rare here i almost fell over!) of twin 2.5 year old boys. we were blown away! but then she told us that there is another family in the complex that has 3 year old triplets – all boys! and low and behold, a few short minutes later they were on the playground and running all over the place with a slew of adults (not sure how many due to the blur of activity) chasing behind them! i kid you not, we were outside for a maximum of 30 minutes and just like that we were overrun with children! so, so thankful that in this country where it’s custom to only have one child, that us having two is right in line with the norm for this complex! and of course, we’re looking forward to getting to know the parents/grandparents better and play dates in the future!

learned logistics of complex from management company – also during this outing jarod was able to sneak over (sterling is very fond of having both of us in clear view at all times!) to the complex’s management office and figure out how to throw out our trash as well as how to get permission for the moving truck to enter the complex.  the mundane is not always simple here on the east side!

entertained sterling – soon thereafter we returned home with an exhausted toddler and we made it our goal to keep him awake.  we played on the floor, read books and tried to comfort him as the minutes passed painfully slowly by.

all in bed by 8 pm – on this particular night we were all in bed by 8 pm – per sterling & jarod’s request. and though i didn’t feel that tired i fell asleep with ease. even with all of sterling’s misery, i’m positive we scored one against the boogy man called jet lag!


2 thoughts on “the good kind of runaround…

  1. Wow! I am impressed! You accomplished a lot in one day! Way to go! So glad you are meeting some younger families in your complex! That is something worth noting!! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!! Can’t wait to meet Sterling!

  2. AWESOME! So glad you got so much done this day and met some new friends! Also very glad to have you back over on the East Side. 🙂
    LIFTing you guys up….

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