lil’ sprout @ 22 months…

it’s true… we’re madly in love with our lil’ sprout. he’s captured our hearts in ways we never knew possible. jarod is always saying, “he’s so awesome” at the most random moments. and of course, i always concur!

besides absolutely loving his perfect little self (how can you not love this face?), we love that he’s also very silly and affectionate. and his personality is positively contagious… just ask anyone who’s met him! and did i mention that he’s smart? daily he surprises us with what he can say/do.

so here’s to celebrating sterling… all 22 months of him!

no exaggeration – sterling will sit and listen to ye ye’s music for 45 minutes at a time. he’s got an amazing ear for music and often moves his head or hands in beat with what he hears. and when the song fades he’s quick to clap & say “yah” or prompt you to begin the next song by pointing to the headset. as you can imagine, this love he has for music only makes him that much more captivating in the eyes of his ye ye and daddy.

in the past several weeks sterling has developed a love for stickers. sometimes a sticker is a piece of tape he proudly displays on his arm or leg… while other times he wants something from the sticker book. either way, these days it’s normal for him to be sporting some sort adhesive on his person.

on the east side one of the first things we recommend any visitors do is drink yogurt. besides being good for your tummy the yogurt here is absolutely yummy! i was thrilled that sterling also shares my love of yogurt (particularly this brand) and that it’s a simple snack solution as it doesn’t even need to be refrigerated!

after just a couple of days on the east side we made our first trip to ikea for a couch and meatballs – one of sterling’s all time favorite foods! didn’t capture a picture of him actually eating the meatballs as he was literally nibbling bites as he was playing in the café play space. a simple reminder of just how valued children are here… even ikea knows what side their toast is buttered on. it’s all about the children!

daddy & sterling heading towards the playground in our apartment complex. though very fast on his feet he’s still fond of being held… to him it’s a kind of prolonged hug.

and this is the much loved toddler playground! perfectly sterling sized! and now (unlike at our previous west side park) mommy doesn’t have to escort him up the stairs or worry about him falling off the 6′ slide. and yes, there’s always reason to worry… especially after your child has fallen off of it!

i was also thrilled that sterling was willing to try and come back for seconds when i shared my love of the local version of a “corn dog” with him. and yes, that would be a sausage dog with corn inside of it. sounds absolutely disgusting but sterling’s taste buds don’t lie, they’re positively scrumptious!

“yes!” sterling has learned the value of “yes!” lately i’ve been asking him, “are you sterling my baby boy?” to which he replies with a resounding, “yes!” the reward: being smothered in kisses! so, so love him… sterling, my baby boy!


8 thoughts on “lil’ sprout @ 22 months…

  1. Love the pictures!! Sterling is adorable and we can’t wait to meet him soon!! PS Glad he likes the corndogs and the yogurt!! My kids agree!

  2. LOVE these pictures. What a great playground in your apt. complex! I saw the corndogs that you love so much in the store the other day, thought of you and smiled. 🙂

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