living in the lap of luxury…

this was my first thought when i laid eyes on our newly installed bathtub… complete with headrest!

so the view leaves something to be desired.  but we knew we would need to cover it up anyway.  looking a little more closely you may notice a few other strange things about our luxury bath.  for one, the shower head is built into the tub.  fortunately, it is complete with a hidden hose… but even so, those first several showers required us to be sitting down in the tub!  and if you look down at the floor you will find a drain.  this is common practice here as typically the shower head is simply mounted to the tile wall… and drains directly into the floor below.  in this very convenient and simple set up there is neither need for shower stall or doors.  in essence, the bathroom is the shower.  what i was surprised to discover however was that this “floating tub” is not permanently installed.  on the contrary, it’s simply resting in its current location with pvc pipes connected to it.  what this means is that the drain in the tub actually drains below the tub and you got it, onto the floor and into the floor drain.  you can imagine my surprise when this began happening as i was bathing sterling!

i have since learned to expect my feet to get wet (i look at it as a foot cleaning) when bathing sterling or preparing myself for the shower.  and i kinda like this new system in a weird “i’m so grateful for this tub” way.  the only thing i really don’t get and have a hard time appreciating is that the tub doesn’t drain completely since the drain is actually located higher than the lowest dips in it.

either way, you can see that sterling is a huge fan… and for that i can’t help but believe that the “floating tub” with all of its idiosyncrasies is a very cool addition to our east side life!  (update: jarod has since installed the shower head at its maximum height so that we can now enjoy showering in a vertical position…  which still requires jarod to do some sort of acrobatics to get his upper half wet!)

this is our just-moved-into kitchen.  the point of this picture is not the mess… or even the lady decorating our tile, but that little box there on the left hand side (just above the blue bowl & cup).  inside that water proof cover is nothing other than a phone jack.  ok, so that’s weird.  but what’s even weirder is that there is a phone jack at the kitchen sink but no hot water!  i guess whoever installed the phone jack had very different priorities than say… the rest of the world!  (update:  jarod has since installed a drain rack over the sink, essentially covering up the lightly robbed lady & we are workong on getting a mini water heater installed under the sink.)

and since we’re visiting the kitchen i thought you’d like to see the other counter as well.  nice.

one of my all time why-haven’t-they-figured-this-one-out-yet pet peeves is…  why must the fridge (and sometimes even the washing machine) have to grace such valuable living space as the dining room?  the kitchen is actually in the adjacent doorway… an unnecessary 6’ away!  we did eventually ghetto-rig the fridge to fit in the kitchen.  ghetto or not, i don’t feel bad because it’s right where i think it should be!

that first morning when i looked outside our living room window this is what i saw to my immediate right – piles of trash.  it sent me straight into culture shock as i wasn’t expecting this.  however, in a bazaar kind of way i have come to appreciate this collection of junk.  because what i thought was a trash dump is actually a recycling collection center.  for those of you who know jarod, i’m sure you’re also thinking, “how appropriate!”

looking up from the recycling collection center this is what you see…

if, however, you look out the other end of the apartment you see this…  sterling is especially fond of the freeway view as he is always spotting bikes and buses!

and if you look down, you see our end of the courtyard, complete with basketball court and elderly exercise equipment… and yes, some much appreciated green space!

craning my neck towards the other end of the complex you see… (which also includes the just-out-of-view sterling sized playground)

and this is my favorite place… the living room!  (notice the just delivered ikea couch!)

and this is just one of the many reasons why this is my favorite place… it’s where my favorite people are most often found!

jarod’s favorite place however is outside…

i think it just might be sterling’s favorite place too!


10 thoughts on “living in the lap of luxury…

  1. LOL I’m just visualizing all of this in my mind your surprise at the “water leak” from the tub and I’m sure that Jarod’s acrobatics will get better over time.
    As far as the “recycling collection center” does that mean ya’ll can throw your recylables over the balcony? LOL
    Love the courtyard!
    Love the living room. Jarod and Sterling look right at home.

    You and Sterling (with his stickers of course) are beautiful.

    It’s great that daddy and Sterling can exercise at the same time.

  2. I so appreciate you sharing your perspective with us. Like Lao Lao I strive to imagine all of this. Picture help a great deal, and I love to see all of your faces. I’m glad you got the fridge into the kitchen. Josh wants to know if Jarod has played any basketball.

  3. I’m so glad that y’all are getting settled in again. I so enjoyed seeing y’all when you were here & especially little Sterling!! He is a precious blessing! Melissa is on her way now & very excited. Give her a big hug for me when you see her!!! Love y’all!

  4. looks neat Sterling seems to be enjoying it.
    The bathrooms in Japan also have the drain in the floor but their bathtubs are short and deep and the toilet is always in a completely separate room.

  5. So glad to see where you guys live! I was laughing at the tub situation b/c ours was very similar until we sort of rigged it how it should be. Sort of. Ha! Gotta love Asian plumbing. And our landlord insisted that his precious new washing machine be in our dining room and had a hole drilled in the wall to install it b/4 we moved in. Ugh! I’m still figuring out how to cover it up. LOVE your new IKEA couch and your wood floors and your whole apartment! The views are great! The city looks so big to me with all those high-rise apts!

  6. Love the pics of Sterling at the playground. the apartment is beautiful! and yes, the recycling center right there is just as it should be!! Love you guys!!!

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