goin’ for a ride…

sterling is all about going… and riding. so naturally we have taken full advantage and quickly put to use some of our east side getting around necessities!

first up, the ergo – aka. “ride on daddy.” though sterling still meets the snugli requirements i must admit i’m particularly fond of this little contraption… if for no other reason than the fact that it is gray & has stars on it – both of which screamed sterling when i first spotted it on amazon!

next up, a visit to the bike shop to purchase our get-around-the-neighborhood-wheels. yep, those are matching his/hers bikes. jarod picked them out and so naturally, i thought they were just perfect!

on the way home sterling enjoyed a double ride – “ride on daddy” & “ride on the bike!”

with the new wheels it was time to install the ibert… which makes the “ride on the bike” so much more fun!

sterling has also enjoyed riding on a bus and in a taxi several times – sans car seat!  he now says “taxi” very clearly and is  particularly fond of singing wheels on the bus & doing the hand motions when he spots a bus… which is about every 30 seconds!  here he is, in a taxi… singing/signing wheels on the bus!

in other, goin’ for a ride news: when it comes to getting around with a toddler and a baby belly things are same, same… but, oh so different! for the first time that i can remember i have found myself nervous as we dodge traffic cross the street and maneuver around. even so, we’re enjoying our new wheels as we get to learn the area around our complex a little more intimately & quickly (versus taxi and foot). in addition, we’re enjoying the extra exercise we’re getting!


2 thoughts on “goin’ for a ride…

  1. I super love the ibert…guessing you guys brought that with you? We have got to get one of those…Macy would love it.

    p.s. I also love your Ergo. Ours is just plain black – not nearly as festive. 🙂

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