if only i had known we would need a before & after picture of our stovetop… i certainly would have documented our lovely wine glass inlayed method for cooking!

so, for this story the after pictures will just have to suffice!

“how did this happen?” you might be thinking. good question. we would like to know the answer to that ourselves. and though we can’t tell you the “how” we can share with you the story of when it happened.

being the wonderful man that jarod is, he decided to cook a gourmet home-cooked meal for his hungry family: pork chops, green beans, and mashed taters. as usual, when jarod’s in charge of the kitchen, the meal turns out splendid. and this time was no exception. so, after thoroughly enjoying and devouring our first home-cooked western meal in a week we cleaned up our dishes and chose to spend the remainder of the evening just chillin’ in the living room. it was during this time, while we were hanging out on the couch, that we heard the shattering of glass.

naturally we immediately thought one of our windows had been shattered… so jumping up we ran frantically towards the direction of the pop. the only thing is, it was hard for my mind to comprehend how a window could have been broken since we live on the 7th floor. it’s not like someone could have thrown a brick through it! we examined all the windows and began looking around the apartment when jarod noticed the glistening of glass shards… and they were in a must unsuspecting location – the countertop!

somehow… and for some unknown reason, 45 minutes after jarod cooked our meal, the stovetop, consisting mostly of glass, shattered into a million little pieces.

the only explanation jarod could concoct is that maybe the gas from the stove leaked under the glass and as it cooled it simply cracked to pieces.

now, this isn’t the first time we’ve encountered a shattered stovetop. in fact, a couple of years ago some friends of ours called us all stressed out because this exact thing happened to them… while they were cooking! figuring it was a freak accident, possibly due to the fact that the gas was on without actually being ignited, never caused us great concern when we moved into our apartment with a similar glass stovetop.

however, since we still don’t know the real cause of either shattered stovetop we have concluded that our future stovetops should be made of metal. truth is, my heart can’t stand the thought of sterling (or jarod for that matter) being harmed so unnecessarily!

now… where to buy a new stovetop? will they uninstall the shattered one and install the new one? when will we jarod be able to cook again? and the question we’re all dying to have answered: will a new stovetop make me more competent in the kitchen?

i’ll keep you posted… 😉


7 thoughts on “shattered…

  1. It’s hard to see how any new stove top you buy will be able to compete with the inlaid wine/martini glass.

    Obviously glad no one was hurt, and no one can tell you that you have a boring life over there! Ha-ha!

  2. That’s crazy! Love the story! I can see cooking in your future! 🙂 It just takes some getting used to over here! BUT if NOT I love that there is always a good healthy option in the food selection. Rice anyone?!! and veggies of course! 🙂 love you all!

  3. This is C-R-A-Z-Y! I’ve never heard of such a thing but will now be completely paranoid as we already have some weird issues with our stove top. 🙂 At least you can pick out a new one. Just steer clear of the ones with cartoon figures!

  4. Oh I know that feeling! I do not think I used the gas stove after that! We only used the hot plate! Glad no one was hurt!

  5. Does the stove top need to have a glass on it??

    If so, I know ya’ll are going to have a really good story to follow up with. LOL


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