play! outside!

“the playground is where you:  meet new friends.  defy the rules.  run wild.  explore.  learn new tricks.  people watch.  play hide & seek.  test your muscles.  are 100% boy!  outside you are fun, happy & full of courage!  it’s where you come alive!  august 2010”


i wouldn’t go so far as to say we’ve taken full advantage of the toddler playground in our complex (thanks to the frequent rains) but when the weather cooperates and we have free time we have enjoyed this fun, convenient way to meet our neighbors and self-entertain!

when we get in the elevator in route to the playground i usually ask sterling, “do you want to play outside?” to which he always exclaims, “play!” … “outside!” yes, that would be two very distinct words… and possibly concepts in sterling’s world!


sterling is fond of the slides – especially going up them! and if he so chooses to use them according to their intended purpose (dooowwwnnnn…) he appropriately exclaims, “weeeee…” – oh the thrill of gravity!

on this particular day we happen to meet up again with one of the sets of twins in our complex and since i was already taking pictures of sterling i didn’t mind documenting their exchange. as you see, the twins look strikingly similar… but what you can’t see, their personalities, are completely different. the boy on the left is very reserved and laid back. the boy on the right is a bit more adventurous (though he has nothing on sterling) and a little more outgoing. unfortunately, sterling never could quite get the boy on the left to interact with him. even after he started talking to him… and eventually kissing him on the head (yes, kissing him!) the boy barely recognized his existence! sterling walked away quite disheartened as he so desperately wants to be friends with e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e.

and since the boy was unwilling to comply (i’m sure it’s just a matter of time before he warms up to sterling) we decided to walk off the rejection… and soon enough sterling was distracted by going “up, up, up…” and “dooowwwnnnn…” the stairs – another favorite outside pastime.

love this boy and love that he loves to “play!” … “outside!”


4 thoughts on “play! outside!

  1. Looks like he’s so outgoing. How fun!! He is already kissing other friends; he will be a great big brother for sure!

  2. Too bad for Mr. Reserved. He doesn’t know what he’s missing out on. Hopefully he’ll come around when he realizes his brother may be getting more attention.



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