gift me…

one of the many things we love about living on the east side are the random gifts! seriously, you have no idea when some magical gifting fairy will decide to make your day with a little extra surprise!

for instance, the other day we needed baby wipes… but what we didn’t expect was to find a travel sized version pre-wrapped along with them. sweet!

…and this isn’t just a johnson & johnson idea…

by simply purchasing the items on our grocery list on this particular day we also won enough stamps (thanks to our apparent overspending in one shopping trip) to earn 2 free items from the customer service desk. our gifts – a small bag of laundry detergent and a tube of toothpaste. now that’s what i call “keepin’ the customer happy and fresh!” seriously though, everyone at the customer service desk was ecstatic to receive their free gifts. sadly, my excitement didn’t compare with theirs… which brings me to this conclusion: maybe my biggest problem is not that i don’t have much to be thankful for but that i am not thankful enough!

now this gift did elevate my levels of elation! as totally strange as this pairing is, it totally made my day!

for you see i was in need of a few disposable diapers (to keep on hand for outings & such) when i grabbed this package… and taped very securely to it was 2 free newborn diapers! in a country where the vast majority of people only have one child, i found this gift package perfectly prophetic!

i love to be “gifted”… and i promise to work on being more thankful in the future!


2 thoughts on “gift me…

  1. What a challenge to us all! A grateful heart is a special thing to have. I love you. (Very odd diaper arrangement given the single child standard).

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