how’d you get to be so silly?

i often find myself asking sterling this question!

seriously, how did he get to be so silly!?!

in the past 10 months sterling has gone from babyhood to full-fledged toddlerhood… and for what he lacks in height, he makes up for with his larger than life personality!

if you haven’t met sterling let me just tell you a bit about his silliness. it can be brought on at the most random times… at home with just mommy, but usually it is fueled by crowds. he absolutely loves being the center of attention. loves it! just last week we were hanging out with a group of friends in a circle when sterling found himself in the smack dab center of all of us. and this, dear friends, isn’t the first time! in fact, for sterling, circle time equates with him being in the center! apart from being at home with mommy & daddy i’m convinced it’s his all-time favorite place to be! and being in the center (of everyone’s attention) naturally lends itself to silliness!

such silliness can include playing/sharing his toys (which may not sound silly… but it is when you get everyone around you involved!), jumping up and down, spinning in circles and traveling from lap to lap.

fortunately for us, living in a culture where children are expected at young ages to perform on demand we’re grateful that sterling is not only an extrovert (david, one of our friends actually said sterling is the most outgoing boy he’s ever met!) but he’s also so stinkin’ adorable that even when not asked to perform (say while the adults are engaging in serious conversation), that no one (especially his mommy!) can resist his silly antics!

apart from his silliness being an innate characteristic of who he is as a person… i honestly can’t answer this question!!!

except to say that maybe his silly-song-singin’-daddy might even be able to learn a few tricks from him!


4 thoughts on “how’d you get to be so silly?

  1. LOL – He’s being Sterling. I’m sure that he’s realized being silly is just another way for him to be the c.o.a.

  2. Can’t wait to see how his little personality has blossomed since age 13 months. How fun! He’s going to open lots of doors and friendships for you on the East Side…

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