shattered continued…

(for those of you who missed the first installment of “shattered”)

after removing the shattered stovetop there was cleaning that needed to be done… yuck!

but before we installed the new stovetop we needed to put in the battery…

i know! it’s totally random and oh so weird that a stovetop would even require a battery, but suddenly our constant struggles to light past stovetops makes sense! the battery actually enables the igniting of the gas! who knew!?! not us… that is until we bought our new stovetop, and according to custom, the salesclerk took it out of the box to explain it to us. thank goodness she did or we might still be struggling with too short matches and burning our fingertips!

and this, dear friends, is our newly installed metal stovetop!

ain’t it pretty!?!

and it’s functional too!!!


3 thoughts on “shattered continued…

  1. I love the new stove top! I also was disgusted when I discovered all the goop underneath our stove top. Now, whenever I remember, I take the whole thing off and clean it. In fact, I may go do that right now….. I LOVE that your new stove top is shiny metal. So, so nice. [smile]

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