all a flutter…

first i want to express my utter shock that just after posting about my first 5 months of pregnancy i was made keenly aware that i had reached the 2/3rds mark in my pregnancy… meaning i am now in my 3rd trimester!

i use the term “keenly aware” because i guess in my limited experience i keep thinking that baby sprout will take as long to gestate as sterling did! and apparently, my body’s exponential growth isn’t hint enough to me that i need to get the reality of liberty joining us out of the realm of theory but welcome her full-heartedly into the realm of reality!

i confess that this transfer from theory to reality has been quite the endeavor – one that i haven’t fully traversed yet. my only excuse – and i think it’s a legitimate one i might add – is that it has taken us over 7 years of adjusting our thinking/lives to the idea that we may never grow our family through birth… and it’s going to take me at least a bit longer than six short months to reverse all that heart protection i have had to build up during that time. besides, the first 3 months i simply felt sick, certainly not pregnant… and the past 3 months i’ve felt more hungry (and bigger) than anything else.

but now, now that baby sprout is all a flutter (meaning i’m now feeling & seeing her movements via stomach contortions) she’s become more and more real to me!

i’m happy to report that thus far she has been a very gentle lady and i have yet to experience the rib poking* and uterus prodding that i’ve heard so many horror stories about. maybe my large amounts of food intake has allowed her some extra wiggle room!

speaking of “flutters” and “wiggle room” i wanted to share with you the name we will give liberty in the local language…

蓝蝶, pronounced: lan die, sounds like: lawn dee-yeah, translation: blue butterfly

our hope is that she will also come to love this verse, which my name (gold & silver butterfly) and her name is derived from.

if anyone is in christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 2 corinthians 5:17

recently i read this in one of beth moore’s devotionals: “the more thoroughly convinced we become that we are who God says we are, the more we will begin to act like who he says we are. our daily lives demonstrate what we really believe about ourselves.”

our prayer is that liberty will come to fully experience the freedom Christ gives us, accepting who He has created her to be as well as believing who He says she is!

*not sure about the uterus prodding but as of august 30th i had the unusual sensation of what some have referred to as rib poking… but in truth it felt more like rib pushing as she seemed to be putting my ribs into the recline position! i’m also enjoying her bigger flutters, or sweeping motion, as she begins to test her wings! and lastly, i’ve begun to feel (but not necessarily enjoy) the effects of what i refer to as using my bladder as a trampoline! even so, every movement, though at times uncomfortable, brings great joy & thanksgiving!

oh yes… it seems fitting to end this post with “happy labor day!”



6 thoughts on “all a flutter…

  1. I am so glad to be able to keep up with ya’ll. Sorry that we missed you this summer. Also I hope you are enjoying your pregnancy as much as I did my the last few months. I rolled laughing when you started in on the rib poking. It brought back so many memories of Alyzabeth a few months before she was due. Her and Jeff would already start picking on each other. I could sit next to him on the love seat and she would kick at him. He would start to push back and it was on. They would do this for hours. At one of the last doctor visits before she was due I had him look to see what was in that area and it was her elbow and hand pushing. So I wam glad to hear someone else is finding enjoyment in all of that too. May you enjoy the rest of it. Can’t wait….

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