one of sterling’s most common requests these days is: “watch…” and no, he’s not referring to telling time, but instead to viewing images on a t.v. screen.

up till now we have severely limited his t.v. exposure – only using it in rare cases such as when i had extreme morning sickness or when he was sick. on the flight over we attempted to cajole him into watching toy story, which was a total failure… because up until recently he was never really interested in watching anything.

but now that he’s been exposed to t.v. thanks to a week worth of childcare he’s addicted!

and that means, it’s become grounds for him to assert his will over ours. simply put, the t.v. itself has become a kind of battle ground here in the davis home…

so far our tactic has been distraction. which has a 50/50 chance of actually working. argh.

but we think we’ve come to a few conclusions as to how we’re going to approach our upcoming battles…

for one, a temper tantrum will never result in him getting to “watch…”

our second resort thus far has been to put in a praise baby dvd – which allows us to do more than veg in front of the t.v. – we use it as a kind of interaction tool as we sing with it and call out the names of things/numbers/letters on the screen.

and lastly, we’ve discovered that the movie finding nemo has an “aquarium scene” which virtually allows us to meet his desire to “watch…” as well as our desire to keep our home peaceful.

of course, we’re not anti-t.v. – we simply don’t want it, or sterling for that matter, to dictate our lives.

and since we freely admit that we don’t know what we’re doing in the realm of winning this particular toddler war we’re positive that these “watch…” techniques will need to be revisited and revised in the future, but for now we’re going to implement these trial and error weapons of war!

and yes, comments/suggestions are welcome!


4 thoughts on ““watch…”

  1. JD use to love the baby Einstein DVDs. Sterling might be too old for those now. Now JD likes to watch meet the shapes, meet the numbers and meet the colors. Very educational and he now recognizes them all. He is still working on meet the letters. He normally watches about 30 minutes of “educational” tv a day. Little Einsteins is also good. I learn from it. : )

  2. I understand the tv battle! 🙂 As they get older it could get worse before it gets better! 🙂 Your techniques sound good at this point! When the kids were younger I had specific times when they could watch tv. For example about 30mins before lunch when I was trying to get things ready I would say “video time.” This was not an everyday thing but it really came in handy and gave a structured time for it! Also 30mins before dinner was convenient as well. I understand the dilemma of not wanting to expose them to too much tv and having those boundaries! In the states I liked some of the PBS programming and we had certain times/shows the kids could watch. Here we just do the video thing. Sounds like you are doing a great job! A little video watching comes in handy when you are travelling or when you have people over and want to visit and your kids are young and want your attention! 🙂 The other time it comes in handy is when momma is sick or just plain exhausted!! 🙂

  3. Sounds like y’all are doing fine. Just a thought, could come in pretty handy as reward system / motivator come potty training time. By the way, he is just so darn cute!!!!

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