a pit stop…

recently on our way to “play! outside!” sterling and i stopped to take in the beauty of the foliage climbing and hanging beautifully on a trellised walkway in our apartment complex. not exactly sure why it took so long for us to appreciate this beautiful piece of nature, except that we’re too often focused on getting to our destination…

isn’t that the way it too often is? always on the go. always skimming over, if we even notice at all, the finer things in life…

such as this lavish grape vine for our viewing, eating & resting pleasure.

i wasn’t exactly sure how sterling would respond to spending a few moments to fully take in the view since our little pit stop meant delaying the adventure to be had on the playground… but to my surprise he thoroughly enjoyed touching the leaves… and being the center of the camera lens.

i’m certainly glad we took a few moments to enjoy and document these last warm days of summer… and i hope that i will be more diligent to be an example to sterling in this department and slow down and enjoy the finer things in life.


One thought on “a pit stop…

  1. I hope you still remember to enjoy the finer things in life, but I doubt you’ll have time to slow down once little Liberty makes her big début! Good luck to you! We’ll continue holding down the fort here in DP!

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