11 month anniversary…

on september 18, just two days shy of sterling’s 2nd birthday we celebrated our 11 month family anniversary.

it was an amazing day… which brought with it lots of opportunities to enjoy sterling and contemplate how very blessed we are to have sterling in our family. he truly is a precious gift from the LORD!

for most of the day it was just mommy & sterling. but when daddy got home we all made sure to make up for our lack of togetherness. so even as we embarked on accomplishing the mundane, such as grocery shopping, we took a little detour and found ourselves at kfc… where daddy enjoyed an ice creamed coffee drink and mommy drank a refreshing lemonade… both of which were nice celebratory drinks! meanwhile sterling thoroughly enjoyed his adventure at the indoor kiddy play area. once home we continued our celebration with… now get this… pepperoni pizza delivered to our door! and let me say it was absolutely yummy. but probably the most fun was had during dinner time as we watched monsters inc. – american style. meaning, we enjoyed our dinner in front of the tv… a rare treat indeed! and since this was sterling’s first viewing of monsters inc he was sure to stay close to daddy. i think daddy enjoyed the cuddle time just as much as sterling enjoyed the movie.

towards the end of the evening i was finally able to convince daddy that we had to digitally document this milestone and so after some coaxing we were able to capture our special day in digital format – hence the great pictures above!

and just in case you were wondering, our matching attire was not preplanned. in fact, that morning i simply put sterling in his “one more wear clothes” which happened to consist of a green shirt and brown pants and i too put on my “one more wear pants” which also happened to be a pair of brown pants… and since a surprise chill made an appearance i was in a hurry to find a long sleeved t-shirt to match the pants… and the first thing i found was this green shirt. so it was that sterling and i were wearing matching outfits when daddy came home wearing a brown t-shirt and green button up. ha! don’t you just love it when photo ops come together for you on their own!?!

as usual, taking pictures with sterling is both fun and challenging as he loves to be center of attention… but now also wants to see himself on the screen – simultaneously. fortunately, our nifty camera has a rotatable digital display and we were able to capture a few good family photos and appease sterling’s need to “see!”

as the evening wore down, and as i began our nightly ritual (bath-bible-book-prayer-bed) i became almost melancholy as i was reminded once again how very sweet our time with him is… and yet how ridiculously fast time is passing us by. i want so badly to remember all the little details of each and every day… and i want to remember the hundreds of ways he amazes me on a regular basis, and yet no matter how hard i try to capture these images in my mind, or how much i try to hold on to each moment, my memory continually fails me and i look back on our time with sterling and feel regret that i can’t hold onto these days and preserve them perfectly.

i have no doubt that the days ahead will be just as special, just as miraculous… but i want to forever treasure these special times with our baby boy… because all too quickly he won’t want to be called “baby boy” and he’ll begin to grow into a man.

so here’s to blogging journaling these special days… may i forever relish each and every day i experience the gift of sterling!


3 thoughts on “11 month anniversary…

  1. You are wise beyond your years to “get it” so well that the time you have with your children will be an instant and then gone. It is so easy to feel like you have forever with them, but each moment must be treasured and it is usually only from hindsight that we understand that truth. I am so glad for you that you are thoroughly enjoying your time with Sterling!

  2. Loved reading your 11 month anniversary story. It is amazing how time goes by so fast and I think that ya’ll are doing a fantastic job of journaling (sp) all your adventures together.

    LOVE YOU – odc

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