sterling & baby belly…

on september 15 i begged jarod for a sterling & “baby belly” photo shoot… which would naturally include me as well! our little endeavor turned out to be a lot more work and a lot less productive than i had originally imagined, but i can at least say i tried!

even though you can’t see the “baby belly” in this particular picture i loved it ’cause it reflects just how enamored i am with our lil’ sprout!

i thought this sweet kiss was too cute as sterling is enjoying the novelty of the ever growing “baby belly…”

and because the ever increasing size of the “baby belly” is such a novelty these days sterling doesn’t mind lavishing kisses on it…

and he’s particularly fond of rubbing it…

but even with all the “baby belly” love that’s going around i can assure you that he has absolutely no idea what’s coming!

but that’s okay ’cause i am thoroughly enjoying him… even when he’s bouncing up & down, walking on and otherwise rough handling his little sister!


4 thoughts on “sterling & baby belly…

  1. Sweet pictures, hopefully he’ll keep the walking on, tumbling over, and rough-housing his little sister to a minimum once she arrives… time will tell!

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