daddy duty…

the last several weeks jarod has been on daddy duty… in more ways than one. for the ultimate benefit of living life well on the east side i have taken this past month and the coming weeks to join a language class (hence the fewer number of posts!). being that this may be my one chance to cram it in we have all made some serious sacrifices. and for me, the greatest sacrifice is being away from sterling for the entire morning 5 days a week. the first few weeks were especially escruciating as there were times when sterling wasn’t even awake, or was just starting his day when i had to leave the house. those days took extra amounts of focus on my part as every molecule in me wanted to stay home and enjoy our lil’ sprout. living in a big city certainly has its perks… like a language program geared toward westerns. but like many other major cities around the world the perks are often accompanied by some headaches… such as the fact that it takes me 45 minutes to an hour to actually get to my class… and subsequently to return home. traffic here is atrocious at best… which adds another two hours to my 2 hour class time… which means that by the time i arrive home sterling is already an hour into his nap!

with all that said, you now understand why daddy is on duty! from wake up to breakfast to diaper changes to play time to snacks… daddy’s got sterling covered!

funny how left to his own devices, jarod doesn’t do things exactly the same way i would… for instance, this messy breakfast encounter is now the norm! i’m not too worried though ’cause this is proof positive that sterling is actually eating breakfast and it gives him lots of opportunities to fine tune his motor skills. besides, by the time i make it back from class and he wakes up from his nap he no longer has breakfast residue all over his face. another good sign that jarod is taking good care of him… even taking the time to clean him from head to toe multiple times a day!

recently jarod taught sterling something that i was sure would soon backfire… it all began so innocently with sterling “hiding” his truck in the cabinet, but thanks to jarod’s ingenuity sterling quickly learned that he could hide himself in the cabinet. soon thereafter jarod was noticing some unnecessary wear and tear on the door hinges and figured the easiest way to remedy this situation was to put a child’s door lock on it… which then in turn prevented sterling from opening the door. in addition, this so-called remedy also tore up the finish on the cabinet and now it looks like we’ll have to replace the entire tv stand before we move out! oops!

jarod has also been able to enjoy some of the daddy duty perks… such as play time! most recently he told me that they play trains together for an hour or more! i guess it’s only natural to feel jealous when i’m on the other side of town constantly banging my head against a wall desperately trying to learn what often seems like an impossible language!

somehow, with jarod’s new sense of being on extended daddy duty, he’s also become a bit more conscientious of tasks that are typically mine… such as capturing memories in digital form. hence, a couple of random pictures of our lil’ sprout & me! so rare that mommies make it into digital images… but i can certainly say his expanded view of parenting has definitely presented some interesting benefits!

and the greatest of all is the sweet bonding time my two favorite boys in the whole world get to enjoy!

and though i’m seriously looking forward to mid-october when my classes end and i get to reinstate mommy duty time i am so grateful to have a husband that is willing and able to do daddy duty so well!


2 thoughts on “daddy duty…

  1. Cute pictures!! So glad yall are fining ways to make life work and I love the way you both appreciate the precious moments with Sterling!! I love you all 4!!!! Nai Nai

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