daddy duty part 2 爸爸的义务第二部

it’s time for the male contribution to this site since 99.9% of it is faithfully and masterfully maintained by the female part of jd2. the gold ‘ n silver butterfly asked me to post about my perspective on the whole recent undertaking of “daddy duty” since the butterfly flutters off to language school at 8:15 in the morning each weekday and doesn’t return to her men until lunch time. what does this mean for the big fuzzy dragon and the little silver dragon? it means that daddy gets to be babysitter every morning for 5 days a week…

this may not sound like a big deal to some people, but it was a HUGE adjustment for the fuzzy dragon. as my name implies, i’m not really built for full time child care. don’t get me wrong – i can safely say that i pull my weight in the child rearing department. since becoming a dad, i have become the waste management authority and food and drug administration as i have prepared a great many meals for the little man and cleaned up countless amounts of waste by-product that comes from all fuel intake. i am now also department of motor vehicles now that the silver dragon loves any type of transportation device, and i am also gifted at being the foreign affairs department as i teach him all kinds of not-so-mommy-approved new things that expand his horizons.

while all of this is fine and good, it in no way qualifies me to be the full-time caregiver every morning of every weekday…does it? after all i am the guy that thought that the little man using knives as drum sticks would be cool. J

the first week was tough. the little dragon’s got some wheels on him and he’s tough to keep up with all the time. it was easier when i kept up with him part time. he also doesn’t like me spending too much time on my work stuff while i’m supposed to be caring for him. the big fuzzy dragon’s world tends to revolve around efficiency (as i’m by nature a task oriented guy), and the little dragon’s world tends to revolve around exploration, book reading, destruction and cuddle time. those really don’t fit into my idea”efficiency” very well.

needless to say, the fuzzy dragon and the butterfly had a few heated conversation that first week. but then something changed during week two…

daddy got better at being emotionally available all the time to the little dragon ( i think it was the introduction of the “body slam” and how to say “poot” after certain bouts of flatulence that helped) and the little dragon learned to play some by himself so daddy could get some work done. slowly but surely daddy got better at being the full time care-taker and the mornings became fun… and believe it or not they also got a lot more productive and efficient!

by week three, the fuzzy dragon was ready for the new adventures that the little dragon was going to take him on each day and the little dragon was ready to learn new (and slightly dangerous) stuff that boys love… and somehow daddy got even more work done.

by week four, we were in our groove and the two dragons were doing well, but we really missed our lovely butterfly. this week a lady volunteered to take care of sterling at the butterfly’s school 2 days so that sterling could kind-of be with mommy in the mornings and daddy could do some hard-core exploring of the city and knock out some much needed work.

we figured this was a really good arrangement… but even with my renewed ability to be efficient i was a bit surprised to discover just how much i have grown to love our dragon time together and just how much i could miss him… ’cause he really is that rockin’ awesome!

so here i am, a big fuzzy dragon with a hydraulic impact drill in one hand and a dirty diaper in the other and i’m feeling more and more ready for the little blue butterfly to make her appearance!


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