newest words & phrases…

sterling continues to amaze us as he continues to say new words… and now sentences.

on october 8, 2010 he decided to say 3 new words. trust me when i say it’s not necessarily the number of new words that he spoke that surprised me, but what the new words were that made me pause in my tracks.

the first new word i noticed that day was him clearly saying “hallelujah” as he listened along with a praise baby dvd… which of course melted my heart. ahhhhh… but then a few minutes later something a little less sweet came out of sterling’s mouth.

honestly, how many times do i have to warn jarod to be careful with what he says!?! jarod was sitting at the desk, once again frustrated with something on the computer (technology is not always our friend i tell you!) when he said something about being sick of his stupid computer. naturally sterling caught onto one word… which he quickly put to use – “stupid.” immediately i looked at jarod… and he gave me his boyish, “did i do that?” look. of course, i wasn’t really mad at him, but it confirmed what i’d been warning him about all along… which was a good reminder for me as well!

after his nap sterling said the word i’ve been waiting anxiously to hear – his own name. when i went in his room to get him out of the pack n play he was especially playful so i asked him, “are you happy?” to which he responded: “hap-pee. mommy hap-pee. daddy hap-pee.” i asked, “is sterling happy?” and though he usually just responds with “hap-pee” this time he blessed my socks off when he said, “twerwing hap-pee!” ahhh, our precious boy was happy and so was i!

other phrases sterling is saying a lot these days include:

“whatcha doin’?” – which he learned from a little girl here who apparently learned it from some kids show. anyway, when sterling says it i can’t help but smile as he only says it when he’s feeling especially playful.

“what happened?” – this is a new one… one that he especially likes to ask me after we bonk heads. apparently this is what i say to him when he gets hurt and so he thinks that if I say “ouch” it means he should ask me this same question.

“daddy be right back.” – this has become a common phrase that both sterling and i use. whether “right back” means he just went outside for a second of a couple of hours, i console him with the idea that daddy will be right back. if however, daddy will be gone for a couple of days and sterling goes to the door saying “daddy be right back” i can’t bring myself to lie to him so i either smile at him and go about my task or i say, “later.” besides, i know he can’t comprehend time in the form of days and so i feel like there’s no point in reminding myself just how long daddy will be gone.

“i sorry.” – this is another new one… though one we’re putting to use more and more as sterling is becoming more aggressive in his play. 😉

“i fall down.” – sterling especially likes to use this one as he is often falling off of chairs (usually on purpose), but he also changes out the noun to express what fell down, such as “fork fall down,” or “buzz lightyear fall down.”

“howdy, howdy, howdy!” – recently while watching toy story he decided to mimic this line. i thought it was too cute… and love the added bonus of it sounding especially texan!

“abcdefg…” – and you better believe both mine and jarod’s jaws dropped to the floor when we heard sterling singing along (10/11/10) with his spin, spin a letter toy. he got all the way to “g” before breaking off every now and then! we couldn’t believe it! sadly, jarod’s been telling me that we need to start practicing letters and numbers with him (since he is also counting up to three, ie. two dogs, three cars) but i figured that he’s only two and all that learning stuff will come eventually. well eventually is already here my friends and just like that i find myself scrambling to discipline myself so that i don’t miss this wave of learning excitement. in all honesty i should have been more pro-active because i clearly remember sterling at 18 months could point out a few letters on a sign when i asked. and i just have to add, now that jarod has been at home with sterling more, he too is totally convinced that he’s a genius! so there, it’s not just a mommy thing! ha!


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