a day at the park…

even though we are well into october we’ve experienced some surprisingly warm & sunny days! it seems it is either raining and chilly or warm and sunny! which in turn makes us appreciate and make the most of every sunny day opportunity. during the national day holiday week we wanted to make the most of the weather by devoting a morning to a special family time… so off to the park we went!

originally we planned to go to the park to ride the paddle boats… but on our way we came across an area of the park that was set up just for toddlers, so thinking that in the long run hanging out in a place just for little ones would return bigger dividends than our busy lil’ sprout being trapped on a boat, we paid the entrance fee to the “bouncy equipment” section of the park.

the first “bouncy” we tried was this circular contraption with several balls inside. it didn’t last long as sterling didn’t like being separated from us and trapped in.

so we quickly moved on to the “bouncy gym” where sterling got his “bouncy legs.” in all honesty i was totally surprised that it took him so long to warm up to the “bouncy equipment” because earlier that week he had been so incredibly adventurous.

eventually he did warm up… and began to impress us with us with agility! and of course it wasn’t long before he made a new friend…

sterling especially loved slam dunking the balls – thanks to the kind people at the park that also allowed daddy to play in the “bouncy gym!”

once he warmed up a bit i thought i’d take him back to the “ball pit bouncy thing”… which he continued to express no appreciation for. only problem was i mistakenly put myself in there with him and i couldn’t get up once i crawled in and every time i tried to move all the balls came rushing towards me and kiddos were all thrown completely off balance! oops. thankfully i was eventually able to manage to make my leave without doing too much damage to me, the balls (a think only a few got smushed!) or the little ones! as you can see, there were 2 boys who were (pre-me) enjoying the pit.  i guess in their family having two boys (very, very rare!) was a bragging point and they wanted everyone to know by dressing them alike! i especially liked that their shirts said, “the car…dishing city, n.y.” – where is that exactly?

next we made our way to the “bouncy slide.” again, we were amazed at sterling’s abilities – even the workers, who had just carried a child twice the size of sterling up to the top – couldn’t believe how strong he was. mostly he used the rungs to pull himself up and rarely used them as foot braces… and in case you can’t tell, this slide was steep, but he didn’t flinch one bit!

until he got to the top… when the reality of just how high he was set in. but with a little nudge he was well on his way back down the slide!

and back up!  this time, his new friend decided she too could give it try and she followed sterling’s lead. he went up/down the side several times. what the pictures didn’t capture (because i was too busy trying to position myself to catch him at the bottom!) was the tumble he usually took about 2/3 of the way down the slide. and though my heart was in my throat as gravity took it’s toll on his little body sterling would simply sit up with a look of shock on his face, begin laughing and then run to do it all again. eventually he began to lay on his stomach and go down the slide backwards. again, his new friend followed his lead and they both began enjoying tumble-less rides!

it wasn’t long before sterling noticed there was more to the park than just “bouncy things” and he found great interest in the train! so with a little time left to spare we boarded the toddler train and began our trek around the track. interestingly enough, his reaction was the same as that when he rode the train in kemah – he’s much more interested in seeing the train than being seen in it!

we paid a flat fee to ride the train, which seemed to have no time limit as it only stopped to pick up new passengers.  nice.

eventually sterling got excited about driving the train and from then on he wanted mommy to be just as excited. so with our feaux wheels firmly in our hands we went round and round and round…

before long it was time to head back home. that is one of the difficulties in having an 11 am nap time – we have to actually be back in time for it!  but for now i certainly don’t mind ’cause in some ways it works really well as it gives us a mid-day break and keeps our budget in check – especially when we go on special outings such as a day at the park!


2 thoughts on “a day at the park…

  1. I bet Sterling would be happy with anything that had a steering wheel on it. LOL

    I sure wish there had been a picture of you in the “ball pit bouncy thing” trying to get out. I can just imagine how funny that was! Maybe not to you at the time.


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