10.18.2010: 1 year of togetherness, part 1…

the day began beautifully. i woke early, something i tend to do all on my own since sterling joined our family (who knew that was even possible!?!) and was enjoying some quiet wake up time when i heard sterling stirring in his pack n play. i could tell he woke up happy and since it was our special family day i was especially excited to see his smiling face and give him a big ‘o mommy hug. so i went into his room and picked him up and began cuddling with him. first, I took him into our bedroom thinking that we could have family bonding fun while cuddling with daddy, but alas, and to my total surprise, he was sleeping rather soundly so we chose not to disturb him. instead, i grabbed a sippy cup of warm milk (a favorite treat of his since we’ve stopped the warming process about his 2nd birthday) and we sat on the couch… me holding him like i used to in the early days – cradled in my arms while he sipped his frothy milk and we looked into each other’s eyes. for me this was especially awesome as so often these days sterling is on the go, go, go and doesn’t always want to be held and cuddled while drinking in my arms. a few times he broke his sipping stride and smiled a huge smile at me which melted my heart all the more. but then he did something that i didn’t expect. he pointed to my nose and said, “nose,” then pointed to my eyes and said, “eyes.” immediately my eyes began to tear up as i was once again made aware that these are probably our two most distinct differences… and yet he has totally accepted me as his mommy – big nose, blue eyes and all.

soon daddy joined us, feeling rested, which made me grateful we didn’t wake him unnecessarily… and before long we were getting ready to go to a play place where i knew sterling would be able to most fully enjoy his special day.

unfortunately, when we finally arrived 45 minutes later thanks to traffic i went to buy a bottle of water… which ended up costing me 30 minutes of valuable play time so when i returned to the play place with drinks in hand jarod and i essentially did a hand off as he had planned to do some price checking on various electronics. all in all, our time at the play place went by too quickly but we were both able to enjoy our own personal one on one time with sterling as he ran, jumped, climbed and swung on every piece of equipment!

bundled up and ready to go…

being stuck in traffic requires great patience… but at least he’s got his gloves!

sterling loves going down slides!

and swimming in balls!

and bouncing on trampolines (in his thermals)!

and swinging from trees!

in the afternoon jarod made sterling some swedish meatballs (thanks ikea frozen food section) which were joyfully gobbled up! once finished he spent most of the afternoon/evening time playing by himself – which has become one of his favorite pastimes in recent months. and though i sometimes miss him wanting my undivided attention (even to the point of sometimes ignoring me when i join him) i am thankful as i know this is one more area in which Dad has been preparing sterling for sharing us with his little sister.

to be continued…


2 thoughts on “10.18.2010: 1 year of togetherness, part 1…

  1. I’m SO celebrating your one year of togetherness. Wow. That went by so fast. I’m also kind of shocked at how many layers you guys are already wearing. I’m still in capri pants and sandals. Occasionally, I wear a light jacket.

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