10.18.2010: 1 year of togetherness, part 2…

recently sterling has fallen in love with the camera. not only posing for it but begging to see the digital image it produces of him. one of the great things about this stage is he’s also eager to smile for the camera. all we have to ask is, “are you happy?” and he quickly busts out with a grin and an emphatic “hap-pee!”

so, on the evening of our 1 year celebration of becoming a family it seemed only fitting that we should break out the tripod and begin taking some family pictures… just for fun, in celebration of sterling. this is one of my favorites ’cause he posed for it all by himself as i was adjusting the tripod. seriously, i can’t convey enough how big his personality is!

it turned out to be a fun photo shoot… even though the pictures aren’t exactly professional quality. a few days after capturing these precious memories i decided to review them on my large screen computer (as opposed to the lcd screen on the camera) and noticed that in fact the pictures were very bad quality… which made me quite sad, but i was pleasantly surprised to discover that many of the pictures brought to mind images taken of us during our first moments and days together as a family. so i decided to include those pictures (thanks again sk3!) as it is so much fun to reflect back on our first meeting and our journey together! i hope you also enjoy our stroll down memory lane…

sterling is still sporting the double cowlick spike (his signature look)… and as i reflect back on what it must have been like for him those first days in our care it’s nothing short of amazing how far he’s come in trusting and loving us in the past year!

i remember how nervous jarod was leading up to this first meeting… but honestly fatherhood seemed to fit him so naturally. and now that sterling has reached toddlerhood it’s obvious that they’re good buddies too!

and i am just as in awe today that God would entrust such a precious life into my hands as i was on that first day… no doubt about it, i am totally enamored with our lil’ sprout!

the day we met sterling he did this ‘sign’ with his hands and though we never figured out what it actually meant we decided to chronicle it during our 2 month photo shoot… little did we know, a full year later he’d still be doing it on demand (when prompted with “peace out dude”) and at the most random times!

so grateful our lil’ sprout is so affectionate… as we love to lavish him with hugs & kisses! as you can see, he doesn’t mind! and fortunately for us, he’s been known to dish out some serious love himself!

since we were heading to “the land of perpetual sandals” the morning following our great celebration jarod and i found ourselves grabbing last minute items throughout the evening and shoving them carelessly into our luggage. what we didn’t expect was sterling to begin rummaging through our stuff. but rummage he did! and so in no time flat he found the very special surprise gift we had planned to give him on the airplane. a set of mini planes for his entertaining pleasure! when i walked in the room and saw that sterling had found our “on the plane stash of toys” i quickly backed out of the room and desperately whispered to jarod the situation… ’cause really i didn’t know what to do! do i take them away? do i get on to him for being a typical 2 year old? how should i respond? i motioned for jarod to join me as we made our way back to our room to confront the situation when all of a sudden sterling came running out with one of the planes in his hand yelling, “mommy, feiji! mommy, feiji!” (feiji meaning airplane) he was oh so aware that he had struck the goldmine and at that point we gave up trying to figure out what to do as we busted out laughing. in fact, this amazing discovery of his was so monumental that he played with it the rest of the evening and never went back to luggage snooping! i guess it’s only fitting that he receive a much appreciated gift on his 1 year family anniversary!

thought i’d end with this picture of sterling, which i thought was too cute. you can’t tell, but the front of the bear has a heart that says, “heaven sent” which is a totally appropriate description to celebrate our lil’ sprout!


2 thoughts on “10.18.2010: 1 year of togetherness, part 2…

  1. Awesome pictures!! You really captured then and now so beautifully!! He is soooo adorable!! We celebrate with you the blessing that is Sterling!! Woman ai nimen!!!

  2. I love how you designed the two photos side by side with the date. Someday, I’m going to learn how to digitally scrapbook! Great post!

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