baby sprout, the home stretch…

(because i’ve given little blog space to baby sprout i thought i’d start sharing a little about our lives since entering the 9th month.  it’s perfectly okay if you find this post boring.  i won’t be offended.  seriously.)we’re in the home stretch… it’s hard to believe how quickly time has flown these past 9 months as we’ve worked diligently to solidify our bond as a family of 3.

meanwhile, during this intense focus on sterling baby sprout has been growing & developing “right on target” without so much as a thought towards a baby gift registry or any other such “necessary preparation.”

that was until the heat and humidity of t-land slapped us in the face and caused my hands, feet and ankles to swell… making us face the reality that we’re about to become parents – again!

now that we’re in “the waiting phase”  i’m faced with the fact this growing “baby belly” is more than just an over-extended tummy protrusion… it is in fact a real baby… just waiting to be born.  yikes!

on 10.21.2010 we visited our delivering doctor for the first time… and this was what he had to say about the reality of my situation:  at 36.5 weeks baby is small, approximately 6 pounds.  his overall conclusion: “you can probably expect her to make her appearance on november 24th” (8 days PAST original due date).

quite honestly i left the doctor’s office both comforted and a little disheartened.  comforted because i liked this guy, trusted his experience, and was happy that baby sprout was buying us a bit more time before she made her appearance.  i especially liked that he was willing to do things “my way” and was eager to accommodate even if it was out of his range of “norm.”  i didn’t like that my blood pressure was sky high (144/65) and that i was miserable from swollen hands, feet and ankles.

on 10.28.2010 we made our 2nd trip to visit the delivering doctor and this is what he said:  at 37.5 weeks baby is still small, approximately 6.5 pounds.  he concludes: “you can probably expect her to make her appearance exactly 2 weeks from today, november 10th” (that’s 6 days BEFORE original due date).

this time i left the doctor’s office both excited and anxious.  excited because she’s still doing well in spite of the fact that i’ve regressed back to the state of pure exhaustion.  i especially liked that my blood pressure was back to normal (110/69).  but i was, and am, increasingly anxious as her arrival draws near.  seriously, last night i had a dream that i wasn’t prepared to give birth… but even in my dream i shrugged it off ’cause i was too exhausted to think about it!

in addition, being in the home stretch has presented a couple of other challenges, totally unforeseen.  for one, sterling has officially taken up the “toddler cause” and is enjoying, and possibly struggling with his ability to assert himself – boldly.  positive that our relocation to our new “home” and the fact that he’s had a cold isn’t helping.  even so, it makes the idea of this whole transition from a family of 3 to a family of 4 very, very daunting.  we also didn’t expect jarod to get a serious sinus infection upon arrival – which had all but taken him out of the game our first week… or for me to be miserable with the swelling/heat/exhaustion combo.

either way, we’re in the home stretch… and whether baby sprout arrives “late” or “early”… we know she’ll ultimately be “just on time!” and that our days of doing life as we know it are numbered!

here’s to making the most of and enjoying every moment of the home stretch!  cheers!


5 thoughts on “baby sprout, the home stretch…

  1. You’re going to be parents again!! Oh, how I remember being in my 9th month in T-land…it was HOT. But it’s all worth it in the end. Can’t wait to see pictures of that baby!

  2. The 10th?!?!?

    That’s great! That means we’ll have more time together. She better wait for me to get there and not decide to make her grand entrance earlier.
    Love Ya’ll

  3. It sounds like you are “just right” in your thinking and feeling. You will not be “unanxious” until she arrives and the transition into a family of 4 is tricky, at best! You will be right sometimes and wrong sometimes, that’s just the way dad wants it!!!!
    Oh, and your sterling is precious—-maybe on your next home trip we can meet him. I hope it is before he graduates from high school!!
    Love and pryers are with all of you,
    Bill and Kathy

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