thank you to all of you who are participating in our first ever giveaway!  it certainly has been fun reading your comments and emails!  you know just how to surprise a girl!  we had more comments on our last post than we usually have views on our website!  thanks for blessing us & playing along!

just so you know, the earliest date guessed was november 5… and the latest november 26.  november 8 is still available… so if you haven’t put your bid in yet feel free to click the link above to play along.  it’ll be fun to see who & which date is the winner!in other developing news: we have two friends (one on the west side and one on the east side) who’s due dates were november 14th and 15th… but both gave birth on the 3rd!  so, it truly is anyone’s game gain!

in other less interesting news:  i have had a severe sinus infection (after visiting jarod & sterling it finally made its way to me!) since monday.  i could use your prayers that it will pass quickly and we’ll all be feeling 100% again soon!


4 thoughts on “wow!

  1. I’ll put my name (and Phillip’s) for November 8th. I had originally guessed the 13 but I think someone posted right before me, ha!

    Good luck, and get well soon!

  2. So enjoyed seeing all of the pictures. Thought of you as I ate C food last night. It was good, but sure made be long for the “real” thing. Oddly enough, the table was set with traditional flatware…I had to ask for chopsticks because it just did not feel right to eat C food without them. Hope you all are feeling well and ready for the big day…I will take November 8 if no one has taken it.
    We expect Macie to make her arrival before Thanksgiving week.
    Give Sterling a hug and kiss from Auntie Debbie…I so love that little guy

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