october: synopsis in pictures…

tuesday, october 19, 2010 we left our east side home all bundled up! sterling was excited to see so many planes and to actually be on one. he also enjoyed watching toy story in route. on this particular flight he ate more food than we’ve ever seen him eat in one day, much less one sitting! between the movies, train stickers and food we had a much more enjoyable 15 hour trip than the 30 hour nightmare of moving to the east side! though sterling only napped a total of 15 minutes during our layover for the most part he was a happy camper… especially when he was “riding” the suitcase. here’s our cheesy family photo… if you look closely you can see jarod in the reflection. almost there!!! since arriving he’s watched toy story, cars and horton hears a who more times than i care to count! he’s also enjoyed the sweltering heat and greenery that we’re so not accustomed to… hanging out on the playground equipment… and making acquaintances with the local feline residence. between play times sterling has also braved the doctor’s office several times as he’s received several vaccinations. fortunately for us, band aids, even the plain variety, still qualify as stickers and the idea of one as a reward has prevented many tears.  poor baby.  on the other hand, he’s thoroughly enjoying some of his favorite west side foods (which are not readily available where we live) such as strawberries, alvacado, and a variety of western snacks. between play times, doctor’s visits (for all 3 of us) & our regularly scheduled snooze times sterling has enjoyed reading some of his favorite books. so grateful that i’m a big brother and the new baby have recently topped his most-loved-to be-read-to books! we’ve also had the pleasure of meeting new people in our guest house… as you can see, one of sterling’s all time favorite pass times is making new friends.

…and swimming! unfortunately we haven’t visited the pool as much as we had originally anticipated (thanks to each one of us being sick at one time or another), but i guess that’s part of what makes it such a special treat! so when stuck at home sterling makes the most of it… either by entertaining himself with random objects… or by spending his time reviewing his east asian language vocabulary words. i, on the other hand, have spent the majority of my time here watching my baby belly grow and trying to muster up the energy to do life in this new culture. since arriving it literally feels like baby sprout is swimming to the bottom of my uterus pool to pick up a penny – down, down, down she goes.  in the meantime, jarod’s been such a blessing as he’s helped out around the house and with sterling so that i can stay rested. i’m still waiting for that much anticipated nesting instinct to kick in… so far i’m feeling nothing more than BIG & totally exhausted!even so, i’m finding the energy, though in limited supply, to enjoy our lil’ sprout and our time as a family of 3!


6 thoughts on “october: synopsis in pictures…

  1. love the pics!! hope that yall are feeling better and you’re getting some rest! oh yeah, eliana has been asking regularly about you and sterling. we went to ikea on our last trip to the big city and she was quite disappointed that yall weren’t there to play with her. she’s pretty set on making another trip to see yall once “the doctor take baby out”. 🙂 love yall!

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