Dad’s perfect timing…

one of the lessons i learned while we waited for sterling was that Dad is all about bringing things to fruition in his perfect timing.  during that wait it was the story of john the baptist that constantly spoke to my heart, gently reminding me that he is in fact concerned with the details… and his plan coming to pass at just the right time (or at such a time as this) really is worthy of our patience.

with that hindsight constantly in view, we have been able to rest completely in Dad’s perfect timing for liberty’s arrival.  and for that matter, trust him all along the way.

so it was Dad’s perfect timing when jarod left the guest house @ 10:30 pm on the 9th to meet my mom at the airport.  her flight was to arrive at 11:45.  after a few minor delays jarod and my mom met up and by 1 am when i called him they were getting in a taxi heading back to the guest house.  naturally, knowing that they were on their way prevented me from sleeping so at 1:30 when i heard the taxi door shut and them get out i rolled out of bed to greet them outside.

and that’s when it happened.  just as i was rolling out of bed my water broke.

so i walked outside a little wetter than usual and welcomed them home and told them what had happened.  before i knew it we were no longer moving my mom into her room, but into our apartment.  and i was showering and packing up the last items for my hospital bag.

so, just like that, a mere hour after my mom arrived, we were in the hospital and i was being wheeled to the delivery room.

then, 6 hours later we were able to gaze upon and hold our baby sprout for the first time.  in every way it felt like Dad’s perfect timing.

miss liberty praise davis: day 1, november 10, 2010meeting liberty for the 1st all honesty, i was surprised how much she looked like me.sterling & lao lao meet liberty for the 1st time.jarod holds liberty for the 1st time.liberty praise:  our champion sleeper!


20 thoughts on “Dad’s perfect timing…

  1. Liberty is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! She is a precious little miracle & you’re right, God’s timing is always perfect!!!! Congratulations!

  2. babe, i sure do miss you while you’re up there at the hospital. you rock! see you in the morning! 老婆啊! 我爱多么地爱你啦!请替我吻我的女孩儿吧!明天见!

  3. What a precious family—-especially the newest addition! Thank you for letting me be a part of this special event and I agree that dad’s timing is perfect.

  4. I hate to tell you and Jarod but she doesn’t look like either of you. She looks like her Uncle Dale (CUTE). Love ya .


  5. Congratulations to you both!!! She is prefect… Sending my love all the way from Del Rio to your family… We miss you and can’t wait till the next time we all meet. By the way tell Grandma great timing..LOL

  6. I love this birthing story. What a good Father we have to watch over you in the details. And what a fun story you will have to share with Liberty later!

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