11.10.10 family photos…

 here’s some family photos of our first day as a family of 4.

jenifer & her madre right before heading out the door for the hospital. seriously, i had no idea my baby belly had dropped so low! seeing this pic however confirms that at this point she was well on her way!

lao lao holds liberty. just 3 days later it’s hard to believe just how “new” she looked!

here’s my attempt at a self-portrait. even though it’s not perfect you can clearly see the delight & wonder on my smiling face.

jarod’s pretty smitten too!

we are so grateful that sterling is a very gentle big brother. he may have a few more “needs” these days, but overall he’s very sweet and concerned about his little sister. just one more reason to love our lil’ sprout!

we’ll be sharing more family photos in the posts to come… hope they bless and/or humor you as you peek into our journey as a family of 4!


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