11.11.10 family photos…

for me, this is it. our very own “precious moment” – our first picture as a family of 4…

and this is the second! sterling is saying, “hap-pee” – which pretty much sums up how we all feel to be together!

because i know she’ll grow and change all too quickly, here she is, just 1 day old.

on day 1 she turned pink.

throughout the pregnancy i knew i would love her, but i knew my love for sterling was unshakable. i wasn’t sure how, but i knew it must, my heart would grow to include our baby sprout… but it certainly did!

it truly felt natural and i felt so content to have her in my arms.

thanks to nai nai (jarod’s mom) and her ability to embroidery, i was able to give jarod a set of “i’m the new daddy again!” scrubs for father’s day. they certainly look good on him!

sometimes mommies remember things differently than other people do (ha!)… but i can honestly say that liberty is the most laid back baby i’ve ever seen. of course, you’ll have to ask jarod if you want to know if it’s true!

my madre (aka. liberty’s lao lao) bought us a beautiful bouqet of flowers. the card says, “i love you & liberty.” lao lao we have no doubt, you were a great sidekick/nurse during our stay in the hospital!

from the start sterling has been very interested, gentle and sweet with his little sister.

and true to his affectionate self he’s been given her lots of lovin’!

sometimes though, he really just needs some extra love himself. so we’re doing everything we can to keep his love tank filled up… knowing that in so doing he’ll remain just as loving & affectionate as always!

with my madre flying all the way here from the states, i’m especially grateful for the memories we’re able to capture digitally.

and for her flexibility to meet the “need” on hand!

just 2 days in, it certainly has been a great adventure so far! stay tuned for more!


6 thoughts on “11.11.10 family photos…

  1. I love being able to see your family even though you are so far away. I am happy to be a part of this fantastic time in your lives! Thank you for allowing me to do so.

  2. family of four! can’t stop saying congrats! two beautiful sprouts. [smile] hope you all are getting some rest and transitioning from 3 to 4 well… thinking of you!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to share with us. These pictures are so awesome! We are so happy for your new family of 4. Love you guys!

  4. The pictures of Sterling loving on his new baby sister are so adorable! What a wonderful time they will have growing up together. Thank you for sharing your precious moments with us.

  5. Beautiful baby, beautiful family!!! I love Sterling’s happy face. Jarod’s daddy shirt is great and reminds me of the one you had made for Kevin. Love you guys!!!!

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