11.12.10 family photos+…

as long as i remember, i said that if i had a girl i’d have her ears pierced in the hospital. after all, what better or safer place could you do it? besides, at this point i was confident that with all the other poking and prodding taking place in her life, these two tiny holes wouldn’t traumatize her. so, prior to leaving the states i bought the piercing kit (at wal-mart) not knowing if anyone would actually do it. funny thing is when i asked about it no one was surprised or alarmed. in fact, they acted as if it was a normal request and even had a special person on duty who was responsible for piercings… in all honesty when it was time i was a little apprehensive ’cause i didn’t know how i would respond to seeing my perfectly beautiful little girl sporting some bling, but even i was surprised by how very much i liked her new girly look… and the pink hat that i’ve had on hold for 8 long years was just the icing on the cake!

after the doctors (pediatrician & ob/gyn) came in to see if i still wanted to leave 2 days after giving birth it took us a lot longer to check out than we had originally thought. my plans were to be checked out and back at the hospitality house when sterling got up from his nap. we didn’t know that check out day included a lesson in bathing a newborn (thank you!), some paperwork & a consultation with a nurse who lavished us with gifts (which included diapers, 2 tote bags, medicines & lots of cotton balls). all this waiting around wasn’t wasted though… as i got a really nice one hour nap in before heading home to a very active toddler! when it was finally time for us to head out the door liberty was needing to nurse so i sat down in the waiting area and we took our sweet time while jarod did all the final preparations to get all of our stuff out the door! when we exited the hospital doors we didn’t have fan fare but it certainly felt awesome and even natural to be leaving the hospital with our newborn in tow. and since jarod has been such an amazing father to both sterling & liberty during this entire experience i thought it only fitting that he should be the one to be pictured with our baby sprout as we were leaving the hospital.

i love this picture…

but had to include this one because it shows off her bling!

sterling received 3 gifts from us when he met liberty at the hospital. this cars shirt was one of them. and though i never thought i’d dress my children in propaganda disney gear, jarod just had to get it for him… which i guess was a good thing ’cause sterling loves it! though the tags looked credible when we got home we noticed the phrase “pistion cup championship” – which reveals that it is in fact a knock-off. bummer. i guarantee you the cars movie he was enjoying in the picture is in fact the real deal. thanks itunes for working overseas.

when lao lao came she brought some special gifts for sterling. one of his favorites is his new boat. if you ask sterling, “who has a boat?” he’ll enthusiastically reply, “lao ye has a boat!” so thank you lao lao & lao ye (jennifer’s parents) for such an appropriate gift!

and because seeing a beautiful image is a good way to end a post… here she is, our natural beauty!

love, love, love our sprouts!!! my heart overfloweth…


4 thoughts on “11.12.10 family photos+…

  1. I love all the pictures! Liberty is beautiful and yes it is amazing how Father gives so much love for multiple children…kind of reminds me of His love…never ending and abundant! Love you all!! Can’t wait to come and see you!

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