11.14.10 family photos+…

sundays. gotta love ’em. since being here in t-land we’ve especially enjoyed the low key mornings… and the adventurous evenings. on this particular morning we hung out in our jammies and marveled at our sprouts… God’s sweet gifts.

jarod is one proud papa! on a daily basis he looks at me and with all the wonder of a child says, “we’re parents. we have a boy and a girl!” then we once again spend a few moments reflecting on how God has answered all of our prayers… and given us so much more than we deserve… in such a short amount of time… and yet at the perfect time! these days of awe are certainly very special as we’re all adjusting to our new life surprisingly smoothly. here sterling is saying, “i’m a gege (aka. big brother)!”

…and he’s just as clear as to who daddy is! the last couple of months these two boys have been almost inseparable! let me tell you, there’s a lot of daddy/sterling love goin’ around! and it’s certainly one of the sweetest things i’ve ever witnessed.

it’s not very often that mommy makes it into the viewfinder… i know it’s not exactly a ‘beautiful image of me‘ but i thought this picture was a perfect uncensored peek into what our lives look like these days.

during sterling’s nap time we gave liberty a bath. here’s our bathing beauty on her ‘lounge chair.’

hate to admit it, but pre-birth i only bought what i thought were the bare necessities. post-birth i quickly realized that i was WAY underprepared in so many ways… including bath time. shame.on.me. so here’s an extra shout out to my madre (aka. lao lao) who not only doubled liberty’s possessions upon arrival but who also brought lots of fun goodies for sterling… thanks for thinking about the details!

a common site these days: liberty sleeping and sterling lovingly looking on. already it’s evident that his heart has grown enough to welcome his little sister. just one more major adjustment our lil’ sprout has made beautifully!

and since we go to a contemporary evening service here in t-land we all eventually got ready for our sunday evening ritual of taking the sky train to black canyon coffee (they’ve got meals too!) which is then followed up with a visit to a grocery store that happens to carry some imported goods and then maneuver through a mall, exiting at a back alley where we walk another 5 minutes to a hospitality house… where we (jd2) take turns taking part in the service/playing with sterling in the play area. on this particular sunday it was my turn to sit in on the service… which means liberty literally was in church the first sunday after birth! so here she is… her first sunday… getting ready for her first church service.

yep, our baby sprout is loved… now, if only i could find a shirt for sterling that proclaims this truth!

until then… we’ll all just have to make do with extra hugs & kisses!


2 thoughts on “11.14.10 family photos+…

  1. No matter what mood I am in, every time I read y’alls blog, see the pics I am happy! I can feel Father’s love through your blog!

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