11.15.10 family photos+…

another jdavis2 “precious moment” – liberty’s 1st outpatient visit to the hospital for a routine check-up.  of course, she scored an A+!

we took some time to enjoy the outdoor garden at the hospital and even took a moment to sit down in the children’s area so sterling could ride the “iv car” – thankfully, no iv was required!

this blue paisley blanket is actually the “hooter hider” jarod’s mom custom made for me. it has come in handy both at home and away. thanks mom d for your labor of love.

after i took the above picture i turned around and captured our adoring son…

“the yawn” – during these early days i’m not sure if she’s yawning because she’s waking up or because she’s ready to fall back asleep. don’t you just love this blanket? the leopard print blanket came via my madre from my aunt…

and these socks came from jarod’s mom (aka. nai nai). personally i’m not a fan of frilly… not sure what my baby girl style is, but this leopard print/skull & crossbones with pink hearts socks/simple onsie and earrings combo pretty much exemplifies it. J

in the afternoon we took sterling to the pool where he, daddy & lao lao enjoyed the not quite warm enough cool of the pool.

of course jarod performed “shamu” for the crowd. sterling was only mildly impressed. but the rest of us enjoyed the free show!

somehow jarod has convinced me to let sterling go under the water… which causes me to also hold my breath. happy to report that every dip down under has been successful and the result is a very proud little boy!

meanwhile i enjoyed watching my boys & lao lao play from a distance. at this point in her young life liberty and i have decided that soaking in some of the sun’s warmth on a lounge chair is pretty awesome itself… especially since it’s currently well below freezing at our east side home!

when we got home we were doing diaper duty when i got the ingenious idea to grab the camera… thereby capturing our first {sprout faces} picture. absolutely perfect, if I might say so myself!

i couldn’t resist showing off her blue eyes – since we rarely see them these days.

i also wanted to capture some pictures of sterling holding liberty. during the set up phase sterling decided to give liberty some love. unfortunately she wasn’t keen on the full body hug… but it turned out okay as sterling got to put his compassion skills to work. in the first picture sterling is literally saying, “uh, mommy baby crying.” of course I told him that was okay. then he went into to full fledge comfort mode “shhhhh-ing” her while simultaneously rubbing her tummy. it was quite amazing to watch just how natural his love for his little sister is and how gifted he already is in the area of comforting others. can’t say it enough, we are constantly amazed by our lil’ sprout!


3 thoughts on “11.15.10 family photos+…

  1. Hey Jennifer, It is so great to see the pictures of the family with little Liberty with you all. She looks like her dad to us. Tracy in Thailand

  2. The picture of how proud Sterling is after coming up out of the water is so precious. I also like the story about how lovingly he comforts his new little sister. What a joy it is to watch through pictures! Thank you for sharing. We love you. We miss you. Hug your sprouts for us!

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