11.17.10 family photos+…

day 7 milestones: i never. ever. thought i’d do this. but i am. we are. we have somewhat accidentally and unofficially began doing family bed. i say accidently because the truth is i didn’t plan on this being a new part of our lives but i’ve found myself dozing off during nursing sessions… only to wake hours later with a content baby on me or by my side. yet i admit that our family bed practice is quite unofficial as i don’t intend for it to be how we fall asleep and wake every day. instead, for us, it seems to be something that happens rather than a planned event. i guess with so many things in our lives these days, our sense of normal is constantly evolving. of course, we recognize that this is all part of the process of adjusting to our new life as a family of four. although we’re thoroughly enjoying our stay here in t-land, my madre’s constant assistance and tons of western food, i’m all too aware that this isn’t reality. already i can see that we won’t really feel settled until we are back in our own home where can (hopefully!) experience some predictability and routine in our lives. my guesstimation is it may take a year, plus or minus a few days! one week down… 51ish to go…

here’s sterling playing with his very own laptop (his 3rd big brother gift). i bought it on the street market in a hurry. there were a few selling points. it was cheap. when prompted it says the letters of the alphabet and numbers. it plays music. it was the closest thing i could find to a play cell phone. and did i mention, it was cheap? well, cheap or not sterling loves it! he especially likes the music… and pushing the buttons. what i didn’t know when i bought it was that not all of the letters are said correctly or that it comes with animal sounds – of both real animals (ie. elephant) and not real animals (ie. nidus). oh well, sterling is totally pleased with his gift… even if jarod finds it ridiculously humorous.

okay so what if i have 200 hair accessories for our baby sprout but no hair in which to attach them to! thankfully sterling was gracious enough to share and therefore gave me the perfect pre-hair accessory idea – stickers!

while here in t-land this sweet lady comes regularly to help out around the house – which has been invaluable as i never could have predicted how busy i’d be with a newborn. after all, i thought all they really did was sleep. ha! of course, my madre has been a huge help with sterling. their favorite thing to do together is go see the boats making their way up and down the canal near our home.

at this point sterling has already adjusted beautifully to his big brother role. he no longer gets stressed out when the baby cries and he rarely has moments of jealousy. of course, jealousy does creep in sometimes, especially when liberty is between him and his daddy. even so, he continues to be super loving to her.

and to us. in the past i’ve posted numerous times that sterling is very affectionate. well, here’s the proof. this is sterling’s typical way of lavishing love and adoration on us. he smushes his face up to ours and in return we smother him with kisses. sometimes i can’t help but get sentimental as i know these sweet kissy days won’t last forever.

i’m so grateful we’ve been able to capture a few moments of normal life these days… because though these moments are fleeting i long to make them permanent memories.

yep, these are the good ol’ days!

and because they’re so good i want to even record the so-called uneventful aspects of our life at this stage… such as jarod, sterling and my madre hanging out watching a movie. seriously how many times can one person watch cars!?! i guess a better question is: how many times can you watch cars with daddy and lao lao?

i guess not enough!

in all fairness the above picture was due to sterling’s lack of nap and liberty’s lack of appreciation for his cries!

thankfully these moments are rare! whew!


2 thoughts on “11.17.10 family photos+…

  1. You know, Jen, we wound up doing the “family bed” thing unplanned as well.
    It just seemed like we all rested better; if I fell asleep while nursing, it didn’t matter. We finally had to get a bed rail; I’d keep the baby on that side so I didn’t worry about him/her getting smushed in the middle and we all slept better.
    I have to say that I don’t think my kids are spoiled or ruined from it either 🙂

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