lao lao zou le…

lao lao’s arrival was just on time…

which meant that she got to spend her entire three weeks here with us… and liberty.

i can’t say it enough, she was a huge blessing to all of us…

and though she hasn’t even been gone for an entire day, we’re all missing her terribly.

thank you lao lao for your willingness to come 1/2 way around the world to love on and serve our family.  thank you for all the wonderful gifts you brought with you, some of them expected, many, sweet surprises.  thank you for going with the flow, even when you had to walk miles each day in the heat with your back hurting.  thank you for sharing your birthday and thanksgiving with us.  in case we didn’t convey our hearts well enough, we were especially thankful to share these special days with you.  thank you for loving our sprouts so well.  thank you for the many wonderful ways you blessed us… we are grateful for you, your sacrifice, your love and commitment.

already, we’re looking forward to our next reunion… and hoping that we too were in some way a blessing & encouragement to you.  we love you.

~jdavis2 + sprouts


One thought on “lao lao zou le…

  1. I feel that I was the one blessed to be able to be there. I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with Sterling and Liberty, and ya’ll of course. You always make everything so special and I’m sorry that I didn’t convey that to you while I was there. I enjoyed Sterling so much. He is at that right age where he’s like a sponge just absorbing everything he can and I appreciate that I was able to spend so much LaoLao time with him.
    I love you both and Thank You!

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