bath and bed time…

few things are as precious as awake time with our sprouts, but for the sanity of all involved, God gives us rest. and though the close of the day always seems to happen suddenly (even on the challenging days) we’re grateful for his provision of sleep!

at this stage, liberty isn’t a fan of much outside of sleep and eat… but we’re grateful for even the most routine and mundane aspects of awake time – even unwanted bath time!

of all the ways i wasn’t prepared for a newborn, bath time is no exception!  just another thing i never anticipated: all the stuff required to give a newborn a bath!

and payment for giving her the royal bath treatment – an all-too-predictable response:

who knew a baby could turn so many different shades of red in such a short period of time!?! once the bath time ritual and dressing is complete… and a little snuggle is given to reassure her all is still well, we once again have a calm and much cuter baby on our hands. unfortunately, this is the only hair accessory she’s attempted to sport since her hair is still not long enough to qualify as barrett ready and her headbands are still a bit big for her tiny head. in due time… in due time… and i’ll even venture to guess, all too soon.

naturally at this stage, any time and anywhere liberty decides to snooze qualifies as bed time. however, i am full of thanksgiving as she seems to be well on her way to sleeping through the night! if only i wouldn’t wake her for her regularly scheduled feeding! (sorry about the mess up… there’s not much regular or scheduled in our lives these days!)

here’s our lil’ sprout post nap. ain’t he just as darlin’ as ever!?! even at 2… or especially at 2, he’s such a cutie! and he usually wakes up happy.

which allows me to capture some much appreciated sterling hugs and kisses.

lovin’ my life!!!


3 thoughts on “bath and bed time…

  1. Hi Jarod and Jennifer! Checking in on your blog – we really love your pictures! We pray that one day we will have a happy family such as yours too 🙂 God bless you & your family and with the journey ahead… Do take care!
    Love from Samuel & Charis

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