out & about/over & out…

i warned you: i’m a bit behind in posting… but if it’s all the same to you, i’m gonna keep on trackin’ as if i’m not!

one of the great joys of life post-pregnancy is how much easier it is to get around! no, the swollen hands, ankles & feet didn’t hold me back from walking the mile required each trip to the sky train but it sure did make the going slow. and though jarod swears that i never ‘waddled’ i have to wonder why it took me so long to get places!

during our time here in t-land we lived at the end of an alley. oh the miles we’ve trekked! when lao lao came sterling got to start walking running the alley himself (previously he’d be in the ergo before we exited the front gate). however, lao lao’s (& liberty’s) arrival allowed for a lot of new, big boy adventures!

each outing we’d pass by the motorcycle taxis and the homes of both the wealthy and squatters. over the course of our time here all of these people had the unique privilege of seeing my baby belly grow bigger, drop further and further down… and eventually see liberty in the flesh.

when liberty’s not riding shotgun in the snugli i’m carrying her…

usually nursing her…

once we reach the road sterling is usually strapped on daddy which works out okay because by this point he’s preoccupied by being fascinated by all the various modes of transportation (taxis, tuk tuks & motorcycles oh my!) and hawker stalls. jarod, on the other hand, never fails to be amazed by the creativity in which the electric lines were hung.

when we’re out, particularly at a restaurant, we’ve been known to have a few toys come to the rescue… on this particular day it was a little airplane with a broken wing.

special thanks to this $1 toy… ’cause in spite of the slow service the plane did not fail to entertain.

nor did the sky train… which sterling strategically faced. i think he had a pretty spectacular view of lao lao, mommy and liberty too!

hoping that being on a real airplane (with both wings firmly attached) is just as exciting!

tomorrow we leave t-land. translation: tomorrow we enter the land of reality. if all goes according to plan, we’ll arrive home late at night and those first few days are sure to be interesting.

please remember us as we anticipate the coming days and weeks being marked with great transition, freezing temperatures, and busyness.

until we again readjust to our new reality… jdavis2, over and out!


5 thoughts on “out & about/over & out…

  1. Haha, the power lines where I was this summer were that creatively designed if not worse…
    Lifting you guys up as you head back to reality. Thanks for keeping us updated! 🙂

  2. Ah, back to reality! No more tropics! I will be lifting you all up as well! I miss Dongbei but not the the freezing temperatures!

  3. Welcome back! Hope your travels were uneventful! Don’t feel bad about running behind on the blog. I generally run behind, but I do eventually catch up. I definitely don’t want to run behind, but life with my people is more important than updated photos for the grandparents. I know you get this! hugs!

  4. Amazing as always! I know it’s so hard to try and pick from so many great pictures which ones to tell your story around, but you always do good.

    Love you

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