home: we made it!

we asked you to pray for us… and you did!  thank you!!!

after going to bed around midnight we woke at 5:30 to begin our long trek home. of course, we waited till the last possible moment before taking sterling out of bed, 6:30. immediately upon waking he became very excited because he was riding in a truck – something he hadn’t done since our days in texas! oh the simple pleasures of being 2!

our travels consisted of 2 flights logging 6 hours of flight time, or more importantly, totaling 16 hours door-to-door travel time. even though our day was looooong and traveling is always exhausting (especially with a 2 year old that doesn’t nap anywhere outside his pack n play) our adventure back home went amazingly smooth. sterling was in a great mood (watching movies and riding on airplanes certainly contributed to the excitement) and liberty slept most of the time. and though i don’t remember much from the day i remember being oh so very, very grateful for God’s traveling mercies…

i also remember thinking: “i can’t believe they’re letting us leave the country with her!”

we finally arrived home at midnight… 2 beautiful sprouts in tow!

thank you again for praying with us… we certainly reaped the benefits!


3 thoughts on “home: we made it!

  1. So glad you made it home!! I remember feeling the same way when we left T-land…they’re really going to let us take this baby out of the country? 🙂

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