jarod’s new boycott…

i personally boycotted burger king after working there as a 16 year old. i didn’t buy anything at burger king until i was 33 years old. my personal boycott lasted 17 years – one year longer than i had even been alive when i started.

today, i began a new one.

it was a balmy 4° F outside this morning when i braved the cold to go to our local german operated metro store where we can buy a large variety of imported items not found elsewhere. this works out nice for us since it is just down the road from where we now live. i showed up and was told that my membership card that i had used for 6 years was no longer valid. perplexed, i asked why and was told that i needed to show my passport. i protested the fact that i needed a passport to buy cheese and a crock pot, and was then – true to east asian courtesy – berated.

the manager on duty proceeded to yell at me and call me a liar and a crook for possibly stealing this card (which has my picture on the front of it!) and claiming to work somewhere that i didn’t.  huh?  all i was doing was trying to get in to buy stuff… with my valid membership card that THEY issued to me! (btw: membership cards don’t provide any discounts and they’re  free, so there’s no incentive to not let people in.)  only in east asia will a customer be humiliated for trying to get in to purchase stuff!

thus, i plan to personally boycott metro for the next 35 years – one year longer than i have currently been alive.

being that i’ve only shopped there a approximately six times in my whole life they’re sure to miss my business and come crawling back in groveling sorrow to plead for my return – kind of like burger king was going to do until i had enough mercy on them to purchase a whopper in thailand (where they’re actually nice to people).  i’m convinced that whopper purchase is the only reason burger king is still around. J


3 thoughts on “jarod’s new boycott…

  1. All I can say is… wow. Sorry to hear about your lack of crock-pot. It’s a darn shame.

    My father in law said he was boycotting McDonald’s because they advertise in Spanish (“This is America” after all, says he). Then the McRib came back and he forgot to boycott. The end.

  2. I am proud of you for your stand. I am “trying” to boycott things not made in America but that is pretty darn hard!! And to add insult to injury, I can’t read the small print half of the time so I don’t know if I am not buying the right item!!!

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