winter wonderland {*updated}…

“baby, it’s cold outside!”

though it’s not exactly a winter wonderland here in SONshine, it is winter!  so in honor of the arrival of the official day of winter i thought i’d share what this season means for us.

it means adding an extra 30+ minutes to our get-out-the-door routine.

which includes dressing everyone in a age/size line-up… littlest ones first.

 first up, liberty. she’s dressed lovingly in a layer of pajamas, socks, mitts, hat and an adorable teddy bear shell.

*now that the tempature is a freezing 1 degree (yes, that’s in F friends) we’ve added another layer to liberty’s attire.  introducing the (year of the) tiger shell.

it means that if we’re not going out and about, sterling most likely will spend the day in his pajamas. he may or may not choose to accent his outfit with one of jarod’s beanies.

it means making good use of the fun hats i’ve collected over the past several years.

it means bundling up with daddy for an outdoor adventure to enjoy the first snow of the season.

it means we all (minus liberty of course) get to wear our matching winter clogs.

it means that sometimes we inconvenience ourselves just so we can stave off cabin fever.

and it means that baby, it is cooold outside!

for jarod it means running most of the family errands alone and striping down to thermals immediately upon entering our apartment.  (i didn’t think he’d appreciate me posting a picture of him in only his thermals, so here’s sterling in his stead.)

for sterling it means that he gets to wear his gloves.

but for me it means i get to hold his hand!


4 thoughts on “winter wonderland {*updated}…

  1. Hey friend! Now that we’re in Europe right now I can comment again in your blog! I love these pictures! It does look soooo cold there now. Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas together this year. Sending much love.

  2. Seeing the steps the family goes through and endures just to spend some time outdoors makes me appreciate our 40 degree weather (when we have it). It is certainly a chore and not something I would want to have to deal with. But everyone looks sooooooooooooo cute. LOL
    Great Pictures! Love Ya’ll

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