“thanks mom!” a shout out…

because our moms are just that awesome!  each one though totally and uniquely different from each other has been an incredible blessing to us.

while my madre was visiting us last month i made a point to give her a few shout outs ’cause well, the fact that she flew 1/2 way around the world for us and then proceeded to lavish us with lots of goodies presented the perfect opportunity to give her some much deserved madre credit.thanks madre for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  especially lovin’ liberty’s first pair of boots! 

jarod’s mom also deserves a texas-sized shout out.  ever since we discovered that baby sprout is a girl she has been busy buying and making many wonderful gifts for both of us.  one of the most awesome things about her is she accepts me… completely.  so immediately after we shared baby sprouts gender she discovered and purchased liberty’s first hoodie.  the ultimate pay attention gift as i had told her eons ago of my desire to abandon frills in lieu of skulls and crossbones.

as you can see, she has also found a way to completely accept my fashion sense – or lack there of!  and the fact that she’ll be here in a week and a half is seriously making me giddy with excitement.thank you for all the wonderful pay attention gifts!  but most of all, thanks for your complete acceptance and love.

yep, our moms pretty much rock!!!


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