CHRISTmas celebrations – postponed.

this year we’ve shaken things up a bit.  what you may not know is that our lives here on the east side are already shaken up, meaning they don’t even vaguely resemble the status quo.  so i guess it would be more accurate to say this year’s CHRISTmas celebrations are being shaken up a bit more.

and it’s a good thing.

this year… okay, technically next year… we’ll celebrate CHRISTmas with jarod’s parents.  yep, they’re gonna brave the 24 hour trip and freezing temperatures in order to spend celebrate CHRISTmas with us – all 4!

that means that this year on the 25th we didn’t do any of the traditional things like opening gifts, eating special CHRISTmas food or playing with our new toys.  instead we had a special outing to ikea and ate our dinner around the t.v. as we watched one of our family’s favorite CHRISTmas dvd’s – the muppet CHRISTmas carol.  it was a good, low key day.  even so, you better believe it was much more fun than many of the parties we’ve attended in previous years!

looking forward to celebrating CHRISTmas with our 2 sprouts… but truth be told, probably most excited about celebrating family… and the fact that on this floating CHRISTmas day – on or around january 6th – we get to celebrate CHRISTmas together!


One thought on “CHRISTmas celebrations – postponed.

  1. How special. I think that it is so important to remember that Christmas is not about celebrated the day, but the baby born in the manger, and you said it best… family! Merry Christmas, whenever you celebrate it!

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