sterling says…

stranger: “what’s your name?”
sterling: “too much!”
prior to liberty’s birth i was visiting the doctor’s office for my weekly check-up. as soon as we entered the doctor’s office sterling exclaims: “hey doctor!” just like they were old friends.
stranger: “bye bye sweetheart”
sterling: “bye bye sweet – heart”

jarod: “do you want to go with me little dude?”
sterling: “coming dude!”
while liberty was crying sterling attempted to soothe her: “shhhh… listen to the music”

sterling: “wanna go outside”
jarod: “you want to go outside?”
sterling: “o.k!”
sterling when he found batteries…
“wow! super cool!”

when visiting the bkk aquarium gift shop he saw a beanie baby ostrich and with great annunciation shouts: “oh my good-ness!”
sterling was playing with liberty…
jarod: “sterling, you want to go with me to the store?”
sterling: “bye bye mei mei (little sister).”

sterling: “i want to get out [of bed].”
me: “oh, you want to get up?”
sterling: “o.k. dough-kay!”
when he doesn’t want to do something his reply follows along the same lines of whimsy with a “nopey doke!”

when playing with his cars/trains/trucks he causes them to collide together then exclaims: “ut. had a wreck!”
sterling: “what’s that?”
jarod: “aluminum foil wrap.”
sterling: “cool!”
he’s also fond of responding, “so cool!”

pulling away from me while he is holding onto my skirt he’ll begin yelling “let go!”
unfortunately he’s also learned other not nice behaviors from other children, such as making demands and proclaiming, “my turn!”
me: “sterling, do you see the moon?”
sterling: “i see the moon!”
a second later clouds rolled in partially covering the moon…
sterling: “uh oh, moon broken!”
when the clouds had completely hidden the moon…
sterling: “bye bye moon!”
turning and walking away he begins to play… but when the clouds moved out of the way once again revealing the moon he ran to the window with great enthusiasm and shouted: “hello moon!”

i was letting the water out of the tub when sterling took it upon himself to close the drain plug by pushing down on the metal stopper. so when he wasn’t looking i re-opened it. after going back and forth like this several times i gave up secretly opening the drain plug when sterling noticed that the water wasn’t receding. grabbing my hand he instructed… “mommy, push hard!”
it’s mighty humbling to be instructed how to un-stop a drain plug by a two year old!
i was carrying sterling around while doing some chores when his head ever so gently knocked into a cabinet. choosing to ignore the slight infraction sterling decided i needed to be made aware of the situation…
sterling: “i sorry. i bonk head.”
me: “oh, did you bonk your head?”
sterling: “kiss.”
responding to his request-a-demand i kissed his head.
sterling: “there!”
it sure is entertaining, even revealing when he quotes our typical conversations!

i was carrying sterling around the house when he pulled my shirt open and looking in said: “i want some.”
since decorating for CHRISTmas we have several key players from the nativity scene (small, ornamental representations) hanging from the large window in our living room. each night jarod tells the condensed version of the nativity story. one night after the telling jarod was carrying sterling to bed when he looked over jarod’s shoulder and sweetly said: “night, night jesus!”
just another reminder that he really does pay attention to our words and actions.

trying to instill a spirit of thankfulness in us and sterling alike we have begun including a prayer of thankfulness in our bedtime ritual. when asked what sterling is thankful for, every night, without fail (thus far) he has answered: “obey God’s word.”
yes, we too are thankful when he obey’s God’s word… and our word… and when we are wise enough to obey God’s word ourselves!
12.26  he began thanking God for his uncle t, aunt b & friends, c & m here.  the next day he also threw in uncle t’s van.  looks like with the variation in his answers he’s starting to truly get the idea of how to be thankful!
12.15 while clipping sterling’s nails i was impressed that he was letting me do all 10 of them in one sitting so without thinking i said, “good job.” immediately he responded, “mommy, good job!”

although he was simply repeating my own words, it totally made my day!
12.16 sterling: “mommy get up!”
me: “what do you want mommy to do?”
sterling: “obey God’s word!”
eventually i learned that he also wanted me to play trains with him!

12.23 our bedtime routine begins by stripping sterling down for a bath and letting him run around the house naked while we chant, “naked baby! naked baby!” on this night however, once sterling was stripped down he exclaimed, “baby, it’s cold outside!”
at 72 degrees F inside he had the right idea! funny, and a bit scary, when your words start coming out of the mouths of babes!

sterling was running towards me with something in his hand and yelling… “i put the booger on!”
thankfully it wasn’t a booger, but a mini bow he had stuck to his hand!

12.26  recently sterling has made it a habit to run around the house shouting, “no! no! no!” so in order to redirect his behavior we’ve tried to explain that he can politely say, “no thank you.” however he doesn’t always choose to be polite. so one day when he was particularly stubborn jarod warned him that if he continued in his disobedience that he would have to spank his hand. so naturally, being a two year old, sterling decided to test his bounds and began shouting, “no!” so grabbing his hand jarod reminded him of why he was being disiplined when he began pleading, “no thank you! no thank you!”  we both had to turn our heads to keep him from seeing us laughing hysterically!

recently i was nursing liberty when sterling approached us and exclaimed, “two milks!” 

3 thoughts on “sterling says…

  1. Guys, next he’ll be saying “you got that right”. I learned that from my uncle Jim in New Braunfels. My mom wanted to know where he learned to say all those sayings, I reminded her JandJ were from Big T. How about our new addition and her unexpected arrival? Great Christmas present, but then so was her mom. Love you all, Nanamaw

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