24 hour cold – again? (*updated)

*this is NOT a cold friends, this is the flu.  please pry for a quick recovery.  thanks!

last week liberty’s breathing sounded laborious and she was sneezing and coughing quite a bit.  taking note of her sudden increased cold symptoms i wasn’t overly concerned… until she began crying every time she was awake.  assuming that she must be feeling achy (because she rarely cries outside of being hungry) i decided we needed to visit the doctor.  after all, with the temperatures in the single digits i feared bronchiolitis or pneumonia.  so at 4 pm on monday i made a next day appointment.

to my surprise and delight by the time we arrived for our 9 am appointment she was doing much better.  after checking her out the doctor said her lungs were clear and that the cold she had was all in her head.  needless to say, i left the doctor’s appointment very relieved and feeling a bit silly for possibly overreacting.

the next day, however, i developed the same yucky symptoms that liberty had exhibited sunday and monday.  i was achy.  my throat hurt and my ears were clogged.  in short, i was miserable.  fortunately, jarod was able to relieve me of my sterling duties and i was able to stay in bed the first half of the day.  once up i immediately began feeling better and by the next morning i was back to feeling good.

it was weird.  i’d never experienced a 24 hour cold before.

well, today, those same old symptoms began.  just a week later i’m achy and have had a fever.  with jarod’s assistance (again) i got a 3 hour evening nap in and woke up fever free.

i’m praying that this too is just another 24 hour cold.


3 thoughts on “24 hour cold – again? (*updated)

  1. Ohhhhhh I’m sorry you keep getting hit with the ‘bug’. I guess it being a “24hr” one is some consolation. Prying for you to keep feeling better.
    Love You

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