life with liberty, week 2

it took me a good two weeks to chronicle our first week with liberty. figuring that i’d regret it if i didn’t at least attempt chronicling our first month (or so) together it made sense to postpone no longer! besides, it’s fun to look back and see just how much our baby sprout has grown! the problem, as you may have guessed, was narrowing down the 387 pictures from week 2! we hope you enjoy our life with liberty, week 2 photoblog!

liberty praise, 7 days old.

first smiles. her onesie says, “i make mommy smile.” you better believe it!

a sticker of love, lovingly given and placed on liberty by her big brother… and stuck on me by my wonderful son!

there was lots of love and happiness flowing throughout week 2!

there was also quite a bit of “watching” cars and toy story 3 going on.

and there were a few tears. seriously people, this is what i call STRESS!

the sprouts with their respective lovies – “pandar” and “chang.”

liberty praise, 9 days old.

sterling thoroughly enjoyed running down the alley towards the sky train with lao lao.

one of the highlights of week 2 was our visit to the bkk aquarium. naturally, we got to see lots of fish… but we also got to do fun stuff, like riding in a boat and watching sharks swim below us! truth be told, sterling was a bit scared. and rightly so!

an overgrown sea turtle made the perfect place to sit for a family picture.

and it was at the aquarium that sterling developed his love of popcorn. yum!

he thought the penguins were pretty cool…

as long as he had a sufficient supply of his new comfort food!

we ended our wonderful visit with a special treat… one i was especially excited to be able to experience – my first ever feet cleaning by fish!

on a rainy day jarod and sterling spent some time on the porch playing trucks.

even at the tender ages of 2 years and 2 weeks i’ve already begun praying that sterling and liberty will grow up to be the best of friends.

sister and brother.

liberty praise, 12 days old.

on this particular day we attempted to visit the children’s museum. unfortunately it was closed for repairs. being that it took us a good hour to get there we decided to stay and enjoy the surrounding green space. since moving to the east side we’ve decided that never again will the opportunity to enjoy nature be lost on us!

motherhood: no hands, but a full heart!

during week 2 sterling especially enjoyed reading books with lao lao…

and lao lao enjoyed simply being with her east side grandchildren.

as you can see, there was a lot to enjoy about week 2!


5 thoughts on “life with liberty, week 2

  1. Even if it’s “late”, you won’t regret posting these memories. Hubs was the main blogger before our son was born. So when I first started posting about Schäfer, I mainly just posted pictures – no words. I regret not writing down little details from his early days. I blame most of that on sleep deprivation! I’m trying to do better this go around.

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