nai nai & ye ye have arrived!

nai nai and ye ye (jarod’s parents) arrived late the evening of the 5th.  they arrived at our place at 11:30 pm – too late for sterling, but right on time for me and liberty!

we enjoyed a quick visit before it was time to head to bed… after all, they had an entire night’s worth of sleep to make up for… and we didn’t want to multiply that by selfishly keeping them up all night!

the next morning sterling was totally surprised by their visit – it was as if santa himself had appeared in our home – which in a way, i guess he did!

as usual, the morning (and nap time) passed by too quickly but we got to spend a good bit of time simply catching up before waking sterling from his nap and setting out to run our evening errands.

then before we knew it, day 1 of their short visit here was completed and we were sitting in the living room enjoying our nightly rituals.  but this time, mommy and daddy’s roles were replaced by the special guest appearances of nai nai and ye ye!

once again, so grateful for family who are willing to travel 1/2 way around the world just for us!!!


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