nai nai & ye ye’s visit, part 2 …

in case you missed it, we announced nai nai & ye ye’s arrival here. and now that we’ve had our fun thoroughly enjoying every waking moment with them today marked the day we had to say our “see ya laters.” in a nutshell: it bit. 

since i don’t want to cry share any more about the difficulty of today (and every “see ya later”) i thought i’d post some happy pictures. or as sterling says, “hap – pee!”

so thankful nai nai & ye ye were able to see where and how we live here on the east side! getting bundled up with them wasn’t quite the chore it usually is with the help of extra hands and the excitement of showing them around!

our night time rituals were made even more special with the help of nai nai & ye ye.

love this smile, the elephant jammers & that it says, “i love my daddy.” a sidenote: sterling gets excited and giggles every time he sees this picture of his little sister.

while nai nai & ye ye were here we celebrated CHRISTmas (more about that in another post) and we even enjoyed imported, all the way from the states, precooked and packaged turkey! yummy! 

when sterling saw this picture he said, “holy, holy.” i don’t remember if ye ye actually played “holy, holy, holy” but he did get to play some worship songs for us and some of our friends here… and of course, this private duet in our living room was pretty special too.

when liberty wasn’t nursing i tried to be mindful to pass her on to nai nai…

some of the time she was actually awake!

as if we didn’t have enough to celebrate, we even had the privilege of celebrating ye ye’s birthday with him! which meant that sterling got to help make birthday cake and we got to enjoy it!

for his special day we gave ye ye a trilogy of westerns… only thing is, as soon as he opened them i remembered the gift i originally wanted to give him! thankfully he accepted my failed attempt our gift graciously.

ye ye hugs. priceless.

so sad i didn’t think to catch this on video. here sterling’s playing his guitar shirt… totally unprompted by us. too, too cute!

on more than a few occasions ye ye found himself playing trains on the floor. of course, i did tell him that he didn’t have to take orders from a 2 year old, but more often than not, sterling got just what he wanted. i hear that’s what nai nai & ye ye’s are for!

contrary to popular belief, nai nai & ye ye’s visit wasn’t all about the sprouts (ha!)… they also got to enjoy participating in various cultural endeavors, such as making dumplings.

since we live in a culture that l.o.v.e.s. children i try my best to show my respect and appreciation for them by sharing some of my most valuable gifts – our children. i can honestly say that our sprouts are very well loved by our friends here.

and this seems an appropriate picture to close this post with… the double hug. gotta love it. the truth is nai nai’s hands were rarely empty. if she wasn’t hugging & lovin’ on one of our sprouts she was busy doing the dishes!

even with the intense pain of not knowing when we’ll see family again, the joy we experienced while with them is oh so worth it.

thank you nai nai & ye ye for loving us and our sprouts well.

we miss you already.


4 thoughts on “nai nai & ye ye’s visit, part 2 …

  1. Hi Gang! so glad you got some precious time with grands. Yes, our role is to obey the sprouts and do what they want to do! Can’t wait to see mine sometime in the future, right now I just enjoy the blog and Skype…nanamaw

  2. We so miss sweet Sterling and Liberty !! It was just awesome to hold them and play with them and see Sterling in his role as Ga Ga. Thank you for making our visit so wonderful and give our love to the kids and to all of the precious people that we met. They have all become so precious to us!! We love you Jarod, Jennifer, Sterling and Liberty !! NaiNai and YeYe

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