today is a good day…

there have been lots of hard things lately.  saying “see ya later” yet again.  the negative temperatures.  the constant adjustments having two sprouts requires.  the lack of togetherness we (jd2) used to embody…  to name a few.

but today is a good day.

it’s monday.  a day of new beginnings.  a day filled with sunshine.  a day of hope.

today is also the day i looked at liberty and for a second didn’t even recognize her.  though i make time to stare at her precious face every day.  she’s growing oh too rapidly.  and sterling… well he’s in the process of growing into a little boy.  all too soon he’ll loose his toddler charms.  not that he won’t still be able to grab my heart, but i’m too aware that our lil’ sprout won’t be two forever.

so with all that in mind i thought i’d share a few pictures of our morning together.  i am after all way behind in documenting their growth.  so a quick fast forward seemed like an appropriate blessing.  if nothing else, it’s theraputic for me.

you may be wondering what kind of mother would put her 2 year old and 2 month old in front of the tv… i can tell you the answer: a desperate one.  we haven’t had hired help in our home for over a week now and jarod’s been gone much of that time.  so in an effort to stop living in my own filth i did the only thing i could think of.  put on a dvd.  the irony:  we didn’t let sterling watch tv for his first 2 years.  sometimes desperation makes us do crazy things!  ha!  currently enjoying my clean-er home… though the kitchen is still absolutely disgusting.

this morning sterling woke up happy and eager to please.  he was so sweet to liberty and obedient (for the most part).  so at lunch time while he was enjoying one of his favorite meals i rewarded him with two stickers.  our boy loves stickers.  and i love to make him smile.

“good things come in small packages.”  and i might add… with chubby cheeks!

this past week liberty has had a lot of tummy trouble… making her for the first time hard to console.  thankfully those painful moments were cured by a long nap yesterday… and today she is back to her normal, sweet, happy self! 

 lovin’ these days with my sprouts.  what precious gifts they are!

and the icing on the cake – they both went down for a nap at 11:45… and though liberty’s nap lasted only 45 minutes it was a sweet time and i thoroughly enjoyed my “me time.”

yes, today is a good day.  thank you Lord.


6 thoughts on “today is a good day…

  1. It’s so hard to manage the daily housework & cooking from scratch. We hope to find help after cny. Until then, I’m either nursing or washing dishes. 🙂

  2. Way cute pictures!!! I’m glad the small packages outfit still fits her for the moment. Thank you for sharing the picures!! Give them both a big hug from us! We love you – all 4!

  3. There is no shame in putting a video on for kids!! 🙂 There are times when something has to be done and videos are so great!! Just be thankful you have a little one who will sit and watch for a few minutes! 🙂 We love you all! Your children are so precious! Can’t wait to meet Liberty! I’ll try to email about a girls day soon!!

  4. there is no shame in the strategic use of a movie!! eliana watched way more than normal today since she was sick and it was the best way to push the fluids down her AND keep her away from Titus. you’re doing awesome!!

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