nai nai & ye ye’s visit, part 3…

(backing up a bit since a few pictures capturing our time with nai nai and ye ye were on our point and shoot camera.)  on their first evening with us we took them to one of our favorite restaurants.  trust us, the entertainment is well worth the price of the food!

during their visit nai nai and i took the kids on an outing… to ikea where nai nai had her first tasting of the famed meatballs.  if nothing else it was nice to get out of the house.

sterling bustin’ a move (?) with a mouthful of something yummy. seriously, can he get any cuter?

and liberty. she’s a doll in her own right. tongue out, tiny bling, a whisp of hair and those oh-so-darlin’ eyelashes.

of course, not a day went by that sterling didn’t put his nai nai to good use. here she’s reading asianese making up a thomas the train story. thankfully she has a creative imagination!

a long time ago nai nai bought sterling his first “thing 1” shirt.  so when we got the 2nd biggest surprise of our lifetime – a 2nd child would soon enter our family – nai nai immediately made a follow-up purchase. introducing nai nai and our very own “thing 1!”

and of course, “thing 2!”

unfortunately, after several failed attempts (poor lighting) sterling lost interest in posing with his sister. i must say, though i was disappointed, even his ‘unhappy face’ makes me smile.

after nap time nai nai put her imported frozen cookie dough to good use. this was the first time sterling got to play with make cookies. i think he may have even had his first bite of pre-cooked cookie dough!

more often than not in the evenings we rested. on this evening we enjoyed a relatively clean house and a praise baby dvd.

eventually we did get a family picture with our two most favorite “things” in the whole world…

thanks nai nai for the thoughtful & fun shirts!

for most of their last days on the east side jarod and ye ye were gone till evening. but when they got home exhausted in the evenings there was no shortage of energy waiting for them! thankfully, ye ye made the most of the time he had with the sprouts and sterling enjoyed playing with his ye ye.

because we live in the frozen tundra and i usually adorn liberty’s head with a hat.  i often forget to put the many baby headbands we own to use. thankfully on this stay-in-from-the-cold-day i had a reason to use one: because the cuteness of the outfit called for some accessorizing! (please forgive the fuzzy pic… i thought this smile was worth posting!)

nor could i resist posting how adorable sterling looks in his “dragon” mask… and looking tougher than usual with his busted lip!

if this picture doesn’t scream, “i’m a two year old BOY!” i don’t know what does!

as for liberty, she’s looking pretty girly these days… and almost always ready for a close up.

during our last dinner together in our home jarod and ye ye brought home the… wonton! contrary to popular belief, we do not live in the land of wonton. mostly wonton is found in the south… and we are very far north. even so, a wonton chain opened up in these parts a couple of years ago. so it was that we had the opportunity to bless nai nai with one of her favorite foods. and though it’s not a food we eat on a regular basis it does serve as a wonderful winter day comfort food. and knowing that our time together was quickly coming to an end i was in need of some comfort.

as we closed out our last day with nai nai and ye ye bedtime proved to be bitter-sweet. thankfully we are comforted that this “see ya later’ is simply a postponement of a future reunion!

stay tuned for our nai nai and ye ye grand finale: CHRISTmas on the east side!

( just in case you missed it, this post is the sequel to nai nai & ye ye have arrived and nai nai & ye ye visit, part 2 )


3 thoughts on “nai nai & ye ye’s visit, part 3…

  1. Love the pictures! Liberty is getting so big!! She is beautiful!! Glad your time with family was good. I like how you say “see you later.” It does not seem to get easier. Hope that we can see you all soon!

  2. Thanks for all the great pictures – they bring back so many fun memories of our trip. I love the way Sterling got all into the cookie makin mess and I love the smile picture of Liberty!! I’m so thankful we got to come and be part of it all !! We love you – all 4 !! Nai Nai and Ye Ye

  3. You did it again! Posted some great pictures and told a great story. Just makes me miss y’all all the more. We are so blessed to have kids like you and Jarod and then double blessed with Sterling and Liberty.

    Love You – odc

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